Person:John Webb (112)

John Webb, Jr.
b.20 Jan 1826 Indiana
m. abt 1820
  1. John Webb, Jr.1826 - 1863
  • HJohn Webb, Jr.1826 - 1863
  • WJulia Rowles1830 - bef 1861
m. 12 Mar 1848
  1. Rachel Elvira Webbabt 1849 -
  2. Margaret Hester Webb1851 -
  3. George Webb1855 -
  4. Ada R. Webb1858 -
Facts and Events
Name John Webb, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 20 Jan 1826 Indiana
Marriage 12 Mar 1848 Monroe County, Indianato Julia Rowles
Death[1] 7 Sep 1863 Arkansas, United States
Burial[1] Oakview Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Iowa(old section, north of the road)

Monroe County, Iowa, 1850 census:S2

Webb, John 24 yrs Carpenter (real estate=$400) b. Indiana
      Julia 20 yrs b. Indiana
      Rachel 2 yrs b. Iowa

Monroe County, Iowa, 1852 State Census:S3

Webb, John Jr
1 male, 1 female

Monroe County, Iowa, 1856 State Census:S4 p.1038 -- 115/115

Webb, John 29 yrs (10 yrs in state) b. Indiana Carpenter
      July A. 26 yrs (12 yrs in state) b. Indiana
      R. E. [f] 7 yrs (7 yrs in state) b. Iowa
      M. N. [f] 5 yrs (5 yrs in state) b. Iowa
      George 1 yr (1 yr in state) b. Iowa

Monroe County, Iowa, 1860 census:S5

Webb, John Jr. 33 yrs Carpenter (real estate = $5,000, personal estate = $1,000) b. Indiana
      Julia A. 31 yrs Domestic Work b. Indiana
      Alvzira(?) 11 yrs b. Iowa
      Margaret 9 yrs b. Iowa
      George 4 yrs b. Iowa
      Ada 2 yrs b. Iowa


John served in Co. K, 36th Iowa Vol. Infantry (details have not been researched). He died in Arkansas, probably of disease (not KIA).


Probate of John Webb Jr.:S6

Guardianship of
Rachel E. Webb
Margaret H. Webb          John N. Massey Guardian
George Webb &
Ada R. Webb
Minor Heirs
John Webb Jr.

Be it remembered that on this 16th day of October AD 1863 comes Rachel E. Webb, Minor heir of John Webb Jr late of Monroe County State of Iowa, dec’d, and prays the Court to appoint John N. Massey of Said County as her guardian.
      And the Said John N. Massey makes application to the County Court to be appointed guardian of the persons and estate of Margaret H., George and Ada R. Webb, Minor heirs of the Said John Webb Jr deceased. And it appearing to the Satisfaction of the Court from the evidence that said Rachel E. Webb is a minor over the age of Fourteen years, And that Said Margaret H., George, and Ada R. Webb are minors under the age of Fourteen years, And that they all reside in the Said County and have property needing care and attention, And that Said John N. Massey is a suitable person to act as Such guardian, And having given bond in the penal Sum of Four Thousand Dollars, with David Rowles, and ___[blank space]___ as Sureties, which bond was approved by the Court, and having taken the oath required by law,
      Now Therefore, Know Ye, and all to whom it may concern, that the Said John N. Massey is hereby appointed guardian of the Estate of of Rachel E., Margaret H., George Webb and Ada R. Webb minors as aforesaid, with full power to demand, Sue for, and take possession of all moneys and estate belonging to his Said wards, and in general to do all other acts which appertain to him in his Said capacity, and as the law Shall charge him.       Given under my hand and the Seal of the County Court aforesaid this 16th day of October AD 1863.
            [signed] William P. Hammond, County Judge

And now on this 5th day of Feb. 1864 comes John N. Massey and files his petition setting forth that hean[?] he had not sufficient funds to clothe the warads of whom he is Guardian and petitions the court to make an allowance for the temporary support of said wards. And the court being satisfied of the matter & things set-up in said petition, Orders that John & Jacob Webb Administrators of the Estate of John Webb Jr. pay out of any moneys on hand belonging to said Estate or if there be no funds on hand belonging to said Estate then to pay out of the first moneys that may come into their hands belonging to said Estate to John N. Massey Guardian of the minor heirs of said John Webb Jr., dec’d, the sum of $40.00.
            [signed] Allen A. Mason, Co. Judge

[NOTE: Several following pages were read but not copied, being John Massey'’s accounts of fees, expenses, administrative claims, etc., and containing nothing of particular genealogical importance.]
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