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John Walker, of South Branch
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Name John Walker, of South Branch
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Source:Chalkley's Chronicles


List of Records for John Walker in Chalkley's Chronicles


From Loughry, 2006 (above) citing Men and Manors
In the South Branch Valley

Other names without lot numbers or creeks; some may have been witnesses or bondsmen

JOHN WALKER 1747-1749 Deeds and Leases on Wappacomo or Great South Branch, Below the Trough (from Old Fields to the Potomac) Recreated map in Hardy Co. Public Library shows many of the lots straddling the river, others side by on either side of the river. Lots along the Wappacomo were numbered sequentially beginning with #1 at the Trough and ending with #64 at the mouth of the South Branch.

  1. 6 was at the mouth of Buffalo Run,
  2. 18 at Romney, and
  3. 28 at Hanging Rock (Wapocomo)


Extract is somewhat unclear but it seems to suggest John Walker owned land at athe mouth of the BUffalo Run, at Romney, and at Hanging Rock, and that these properties were between Old Field and the mouth of the South Branch where it discharges into the Potomac.

Chalkley's Chronicles show that John Walker of So Branch Potomac was indebted a William Denning

Walker John vol 1:304 Aug 1750...Walter Denning vs. John Walker, Sr.--Debt. Writ 26th August, 1749. Defendant lives at South Branch.

At an approximately the same time a John Walker is also shown as being indebted to Andrew Campbell

Walker John vol 1:304 Nov 1750... Andrew Campbell vs. John Walker.--Debt. Writ dated 6th March, 1749. On judgment obtained in Frederick County, in 1743, on a note dated 1738.

Given the proximity in which these records appear in Chalkley's Chronicles, its likely that they refer to the same person. The fact that the Andrew Campbell suit was related to a judgement obtained in Frederick County in 1743, on a note dated 1738, suggests that this particular John Walker was in Frederick County by 1738. It seems likely that this John Walker came to the South Branch of the Potomac from Frederick County Virginia.

If so, the following item may also be related to him

In 1760 a John Walker "of Augusta and Orange County" assigned a warrant to Henry and Adam Pence. The warrant had been granted 4 Jan 1749/50, and surveyed 17 Mar 1750. The fact that a survey had been performed in 1750 indicates that Walker was on this property.
The Northern Neck Grants to Lewis, Jacob and Henry Pence
Henry Pence, in his own right and as assignee of Adam Pence, both assignees of John Walker of Augusta Co., Va. (in warrant of 4 Jan. 1749/50) and of Orange Co., Va. (in survey of 17 Mar. 1750); grant for 474 acres at rich Mountain and the head of Hawksbill adjoining John Price, John Nicholson, Jno. Baylis and Jacob Okerboker [Offenbacker]. In October of 1760 John Walker sold to Adam and Henry Pence and Adam relinquished his right to Henry.

This suggests that John of South Branch settled for awhile at the head of the Hawksbill Creek, near modern Stanley Virginia. However, the fact that his survey was conducted in 1750 would not seem to be consistent with this interpretation, as by that date he was John of the South Branch was clearly living much further west.