Person:John Tulloch (102)

John Tulloch
Facts and Events
Name John Tulloch
Gender Male

Likely to be a descendent of Jannet Tulloch of Stennis, who died in 1680. Her will & testament named her children as Magnus, Thomas, William, David and Margaret Tulloch.

"The first man to be press-ganged in North Ronaldsay may have been a John Tulloch from Senness, but he seems to have taken to soldiering and served through the American War of Independence (1775-83) before returning to the island. It appears that the Laird's representative, who controlled the allocation of crofts, took this war service into consideration and placed John Tullochs' three sons in substantial holdings. John got Ancum, Tom went to Hooking and William had the tenancy of Senness, which was then one-seventh of the Easting ... he brought back only a clock and sixpence." - A Window on North Ronaldsay, Peter Tulloch, page 171.