Person:John Taber (26)

John Taber
d.21 Dec 1769 London, England
  1. Hannah Taber1712 - 1771
  2. William Taber1715 -
  3. John Taber1721 - 1769
m. 5 Oct 1757
  1. John Taber1758 - 1759
  2. Mary Taber1759 - after 1759
  3. Susanna Taber1760 - 1761
  4. Deborah Taber1761 - 1763
  5. Thomas Taber1763 - 1842
  6. Daniel Taber1764 - after 1764
  7. Elizabeth Taber1765 - 1766
  8. James Taber1767 - 1767
  9. John Taber1769 - 1769
  10. Henry Taber1770 - 1771
Facts and Events
Name John Taber
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1721 London, England
Occupation[5][13][14][18] 1751 London, EnglandStaymaker, Dealer in Buckinghamshire Lace
Occupation[3][8][11][15][17] 1756-1769 London, EnglandVictualler: The Fox & Anchor Public House & Inn, 115 Charterhouse Lane
Other[9] 15 Sep 1756 London, EnglandProceedings of The Old Bailey, John Taber, Plaintiff
Marriage 5 Oct 1757 London, Englandto Deborah Webb
Other[6] 13 Sep 1768 London, EnglandOld Bailey Sessions Papers
Other[10][16] 19 Oct 1768 London, EnglandProceedings of The Old Bailey, John Taber, Witness
Death[1][4] 21 Dec 1769 London, EnglandCharterhouse Lane
Burial[4][12] 22 Dec 1769 London, EnglandBay Cemetery, St. Sepulchre Parish
Other[2]  Speculative parents?: Unknown Taber and Unknown (5) 
Other[7] 3 May 1791 London, EnglandOld South Sea Annuities, Unclaimed Dividends due to John Taber
DNA[2] 12 Mar 2014 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesThis John Taber line shares a common male ancestor with the Thomas Taber (1778-1842) line.
Image Gallery
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