Person:John Patterson (116)

John Patterson, of Naked Creek
Facts and Events
Name John Patterson, of Naked Creek
Gender Male


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Source:Chalkley's Chronicles


John Patterson Records in Chalkley's Chronicles
Joseph Patterson Records in Chalkley's Chronicles
James Patterson Records in Chalkley's Chronicles
Known John Patterson's in Chalkley's Chronicles
WeRelateDOBDODDOMSpouseFatherMotherLineage PatriarchNote
Person:John Patterson (86)169017491726Agness--John (86) John of Borden's Grant
Borden's Agent
Person:John Patterson (61)17021770 ?JaneWilliam (61)Janet ErwinPerson:William Patterson (61)son of the PA Patriarch

Person:John Patterson (63)c1727Person:Nathaniel Patterson (5)Isabella ErwinPerson:William Patterson (61)Gson of the PA Patriarch
Person:John Patterson (87)bef 1728 Person:John Patterson (86) AgnessPerson:John Patterson (86)
of Borden's Grant
not yet an adult when his father wrote his will in 1748
Person:John Patterson (66)174418221)1770
1) unknown
Susannah Brannen
John (61)JanePerson:William Patterson (61) Grandson of the Patriarch
Person:John Patterson (93)175918441) 1791
1)Elizabeth McMullin
2)Elizabeth Caraway
Person:James Patterson (122)Elizabeth James (122)Appears in Greenbriar County with his father about 1777. The name of his father has not been documented.
Person:John Patterson (85)c1772Person:Peter Patterson (3)
Person:John Patterson (116)bef 1730DODDOMSpouseFatherMotherUnattachedAdult on Naked Creek c1750
Person:John Patterson (117)bef 1725Elizabethunattached
Person:John Patterson (58)17381808 Margaret BaskinsRobert (38)Grace


John (116) settled in the Naked Creek watershed sometime before 1750 when he secured a tract of land adjacent to his own land:

1750, April 2d--John Patterson, 50, with one right, joining his own land on Naked Creek. Chalkley's Chronicles 2:382

This suggests that he was an adult by 1750, and therefore born before c1730. It is possible that he is related to one of the identified Patriarchical lines in Old Augusta, but it is also possible that his line is independent of these other lines, and shares no common male line ancestor in relatively recent genealogical time.

A Person:James Patterson (87) is also known to have owned land in the Naked Creek watershed at a somewhat later date:

Page 231.--18th May, 1773. James Patterson to Joseph Patterson, his son, part of 344 acres inclusive survey to James on head of Naked Creek. Delivered: Joseph Patterson, 9th September, 1793. Chalkley's Chronicles 3:530

We know from the above record that this James Patterson would have had to have been a full adult by c1750, (implying a DOB of before c1730) as he has a grown son to whom he is shown as transferring his land in 1773. It would seem plausible that James is closely related to John (116), but again we do not know the nature of their relationship, or for sure that there is one. James and John are of an age that they could easily be brothers, cousins, or even father and son...or perhaps wholly unrelated.

Candidagtes for John (116)'s kinsmen, though somewhat further afield include in particular the line of Person:William Patterson (75), the Irish Patriarch. While William himself did not seem to have come to America his son Robert settled on Linville Creek. Naked Creek is well north of Linville Creek, but both are tributaries of the North Fork of the Shannandoah River in modern Rockingham County. A case could plausibly be made that Robert and his known kinsmen were related to John (116) and James (87), but again, we have no direct evidence that would link them to each other.

YDNA evidence might be able to resolve the identity of any Patterson kinsmen to John (116) present in the area. WHile we have YDNA signatures for known descendants of William Patterson (75), we lack similar signatures for other Patriarchical Patterson lines in the area, including that of John (116) and James (87).