Person:John Latrobe (1)

John Hazelhurst Boneval Latrobe
d.11 Sep 1891 Baltimore, Maryland
m. aft 1791
  1. John Hazelhurst Boneval Latrobe1803 - 1891
m. 29 Nov 1828
  1. Henry Boneval Latrobeabt 1830 - 1876
m. 6 Dec 1832
  1. Ferdinand Claiborne Latrobe1833 - 1911
  2. Lieut. Col. Osmun Latrobe1835 - 1915
  3. Virginia Latrobe1843 - 1844
  4. Richard Steuart Latrobe1845 - 1900
  5. Virginia Isabella Latrobe1845 - 1924
  6. John Hazelhurst Boneval Latrobe, Jr1847 - 1882
  7. Lydia Roosevelt Latrobeabt 1851 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] John Hazelhurst Boneval Latrobe
Gender Male
Birth[1] 4 May 1803 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marriage 29 Nov 1828 Maryland?(his 1st wife)
to Margaret Steuart
Marriage 6 Dec 1832 Adams County, Mississippi(his 2nd wife)
to Charlotte Virginia Claiborne
Census[3] 1850 Baltimore, Maryland
Census[4] 1850 Howard, Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Census[5] 1860 Howard County, Maryland
Census[6] 1870 Baltimore, Maryland
Census[7] 1880 Baltimore, Maryland
Death[1] 11 Sep 1891 Baltimore, Maryland
Burial[1] Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland, 1850 census:[3]

Latrobe, John H. B. 47 yrs Lawyer (real estate = $30,000) b. Pennsylvania
      Charlotte V. 34 yrs b. Mississippi
      Henry 20 yrs Clerk b. Maryland
      Ferdinand 16 yrs Clerk b. Maryland
      Osman 15 yrs Student b. Mississippi
      R. Steuart ["twin"] 5 yrs b. Maryland
      Virginia ["twin"] 5 yrs b. Maryland
      John 3 yrs b. Maryland
Moore, Nancy [BLACK] 60 yrs b. Maryland
Cunningham, Nichs. 19 yrs Domestic b. Ireland
      Bridget 28 yrs b. Ireland
      Ann 30 yrs b. Ireland
Diamond, Mary 28 yrs b. Ireland
Jackson, Hannah [BLACK] 40 yrs b. Maryland

Anne Arundel County, Maryland, 1850 census [double-counted]:[4]

Latrobe, J. H. B. 46 yrs Attorney at Law b. Maryland
      Charlotte 31 yrs b. Mississippi
      Henry 20 yrs Student of Law b. Maryland
      Ferdinand 17 yrs Clerk b. Maryland
      Asosmum [m] 15 yrs b. Mississippi
      Charlotte C. 16 yrs b. Maryland
      Virginia ["twin"] 5 yrs b. Maryland
      Stewart ["twin"] 5 yrs b. Maryland
      John H. B. 3 yrs b. Maryland
[+ 13 servants]

Howard County, Maryland, 1860 census [double-counted]:[5]

Latrobe, J. H. B. 55 yrs Lawyer (real estate = $60,000; personal estate = $90,000) b. Pennsylvania
      Charlotte 44 yrs b. Mississippi
      Ferdinand C. C. 26 yrs b. Maryland
      Osmun 25 yrs b. Mississippi
      R. S. [m] 15 yrs b. Maryland
      Virginia 15 yrs b. Maryland
      J. H. B. Jr. 13 yrs b. Maryland
      Lydia R. 9 yrs b. Maryland
[+ 10 servants, including a coachman]

Baltimore, Maryland, 1870 census:[6]

Latrobe, John 75 yrs Attorney at Law b. England [!]
      Charlott 50 yrs Keeping house b. Maryland
      Stewart 25 yrs Attorney at Law b. Maryland
      Virginia 25 yr at home b. Maryland
      John 23 yrs Attorney at Law b. Maryland
      Lillian 18 yrs at home b. Maryland
[+ 7 servants]

Baltimore, Maryland, 1880 census:[7]

Latrobe, John H. B. 73 yrs Lawyer b. Pennsylvania (parents, b. Pennsylvania)
      Charlotte 64 yrs Wife Keeping Home b. Mississippi (parents, b. Mississippi)
      John 30 yrs Son Lawyer b. Maryland (parents, b. Pennsylvania/Mississippi)
      Swann 15 yrs Gr/son At school b. Maryland (parents, b. Pennsylvania/Mississippi)
[+ 5 servants]
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    He attended the U.S. Military Academy for three years and was first in his senior class, but was forced to resign on the sudden deaths of his father & older brother in order to take care of the family.

    As a lawyer he was Chief Counsel for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. He was an architect in his own right. He was involved with colonization in Liberia, Africa and was President of the American Colonization Society in 1853. He was involved with litigation between Nicholas Roosevelt and Robert Fulton about the vertical wheel on steamboats. He was involved in the incorporation of the Magnetic Telegraph Company and the Western Telegraph Company to conduct and carry the electro-magnetic telegraph, invented by Morse, over lines alongside the B&O Railroad between Baltimore and Washington. He was Counsel for the Ross Winans Railroad interests in Russia. He was President of the Park Board of Baltimore and was involved with the purchase of land for Druid Hill Park. In 1846 he was granted a patent for improvement in stoves. This was known as the "Latrobe Stove". Although over 300,000 were in use, he never got any financial rewards for it. Parts were cast in the foundry and built at the Bartlett-Hayward Company in Baltimore until 1910. It was similar to the "Franklin Stove". He was the first president of the Maryland Historical Society. He was Aide-de-Camp to Gov. Thomas Swann during the Civil War.

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