Person:John Landeryou (5)

John Thomas Arundel Landeryou
d.Bef 1841
m. 28 Jun 1836
  1. Joseph F. LanderyouAbt 1836 -
  2. John Thomas Arundel Landeryou1837 - Bef 1841
  3. John Charles Trenowath LanderyouAbt 1841 - 1910
Facts and Events
Name John Thomas Arundel Landeryou
Gender Male
Birth[1] 7 May 1837 Truro, Cornwall, England
Death[2] Bef 1841
Reference Number? 796
  1. e-mail 31may2002-Bridgeman, Selina.

    "...On a baptisms printout - John Thomas Arundel Landeryon, son of William Landeryonand Mary Ann was baptised on 7 May 1837. You can't have two Johns in the same family, so perhaps this little chap d ied and they had another go (albeit 4 years later) with John Charles Trenowath."

  2. Census Records
    1841 National Census-piece HO107/147; Cornwall, Kenwyn, part 2-COCP, code 147228.

    QUAY 3 Not mentioned in 1841 census; see birth. Must have died before their 2nd "John" in the family.