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John Hardin
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From Source:Chalkley's Chronicles

Hardin JohnPerson:John Hardin (26)2163 John McClenachan vs. Nestor Hardin--O. S. 203; N. S. 71 -- Bill, 30th

October, 1810. Charles Scott, present Governor of Kentucky, was in 1760 appointed by Gov. Fauquier to command one of the Companies to be added to the Virginia Regiment for the Cherokee Expedition (commission with- drawn), and commanded a Company on the expedition and for his ser- vices was entitled to 3,000 acres of land, which right he transferred to ora- tor's father (John McClanachan, Sr.) on 13th November, 1773. In 1774, John, Sr., had 1,000 acres surveyed on Glady, a small branch of Monon- galia River, at a place called Harden's Coves, in then Augusta but now Randolph, which, after death of John, Sr., was patented to John, Jr., on 1st November, 1782. John Lewis also had an interest in the land. John McClenachan died in 1774 testate, leaving a son, Thomas, and his widow, Margaret, then pregnant with orator. Thomas died an infant and without issue. Nester Harden has set up a claim to the land. Defendant says his land is a tract of 400 acres patented to his father, John Hardin, Jun., 27th October, 1783, to which his father was entitled by virtue of a settle- ment in lrrl. Depositions of following old settlers: Zara Osburn, Mr. Bryan, Saml. McHenry. Benj. Willson deposes in Harrison County, 15th March, 1513, in 1774 he saw an improvement on Cove Run, now in Ran- dolph County, said to be made by --- Hardin. Jonathan Smith deposes in Randolph County, 10th March, 1813, he saw the improvement in fall of 1773 James Neal deposes in Wood County, 31st March, 1813, he was one of the Commissioners. William Hardin lived in Virgina several years be- fore and after making the settlement.

Hardin JohnPerson:John Hardin (26)24051768--Page 2, William Beard, Borden's Land; James Hays, Carr's Creak;

page 3, John Thompson, Borden's Land; James Thompson, Borden's Land; John Wiley, Black; page 4, Thos. Kilpatrick, Car. Creek; page 5, James Anderson, son to John, (March), Donaho's deeds to you; page 8, Abraham Miller, Long Creek, (March), Scot's deeds to you, (November), Bowman's deeds to you; page 9, John Allison, Borden's Land, (March), Borden's deeds to you; page 10, John Stuart, Borden's Land; page 11, Halbert McClure, Jr., Borden's Land; page 13, John Berry, Big John, Forks; John Hall, Forks, (March and August), your father's deeds to you; page 14, John Stuart, Middle River; page 15, John Graham, C. Creek; Samuel Henderson, Borden's Land; page 20, Capt. Wm. Christian, R. Oak, your father's deeds to you; page 23, James Scot, Pastures; page 26, James Campbell, Arguile; page 28, John Hill, North River; page 31, Thomas Paxton, Forks; James McAfee, James River; John Anderson. Middle River; page 32, William Robinson, Long Meadow; page 33, Felix Gilbert, Mount Pilier; page 36, Henry Long, Forks; page 41, John Thompson, Carr's Creek; page 42, John Craig, Cub Run; John Hall, Middle River; page 45, John Stuart, Staunton; page 47, John Craig, Middle River; page 49, James Anderson, deaf, (November), record Anderson's deeds to you; page 50, Capt. Wm. Christian, C. Creek; page 53, James Gamble, shoemaker; page 62, John Allison, Middle River; page 69, Richard Woods, Albemarle; page 73, John Finley, Middle River; page 77, John Thompson, Bufalow; page 81, John Buchanan, weaver; page 82, James Young, Forks; page 83, James Thompson, Long Meadow; John Thompson, Long Meadow; James Anderson, Long Meadow; page 84, James Crow, weaver; John Ramsey, Pastures; page 85, James Bryan, jockey; page 86, James Buchanan, Falls; page 87, James Buchanan, Borden's Land; James Buchanan, pedler; page 89, James Lard, Middle River; John Miller, Long Creek, (May), Monsey's deeds to you; page 90, Andrew McClure, Middle River, (May), Kerr's deeds to you; page 91, John While, Forks, (May), Ramsey's deeds to you; John McClure, James River; page 93, John Stevenson, near Stone Meeting House; page 95, John Ramsey, South River, (May), McClelan's deeds to you; page 94, Margaret Robinson, R. Oak, (May), account your husband's estate; James Cloyd, hunter; page 97. John Davidson, taylor; page 98, William Purveyance, R. Creek; William Anderson, R. Oak; Hugh Allen, James River; page 100, Conrod Coger, Branch; page 102, Nath. Evans, R. Oak; Robert Carlyle, Bull Pasture; page 107, Thomas Black, weaver; page 108, William Wilson, Jackson's River; page 109, Job. Welton, Hampshire; page 110, John Beard, Cow Pasture; page 111, Wm. Christian, son of Sampson; page 117, Wm. McClure, Middle River, (August), Kerr's deeds to you; page 118, James Montgomerie, North Fork Roanoke; page 119, James Gamble, Middle River; Mathew Robertson, Middle River; Alex. Stewart, David Stuart to pay, your father's deeds to you; page 122, Alex. Walker, Stone Meeting House, (August), Recording Smith's Bill Sale; page 123, John Davis, M. Creek; page 124, John Wilson, Jackson's River; page 125, Claudius Bustard, Albemarle; Charles Yancey, Amherst; page 126, John Davis, hunter; page 130, Hugh Allen, Middle River; page 133, Adam Beard, Bedford; page 134, James Thompson, Borden's Land; Wm. Hamilton, Middle River; page 137, James Campbell, Pastures; Robert Campbell, Forks; page 138, John Mitchell, Forks; John Paxton, son of Thomas, (November), your father's deed to you; John Poage, Forks; page 140, Joseph Love, L. Creek, (November), Hughes' deeds to you; James Gilmore, Jr., Forks; James Robinson, James River; John Stuart, Burden's Land, (November), ordered to be levy free; page 141, James Craig, Borden's Land; page 144, William Meldrum, Culpeper; page 147, John Davis, R. Oak; Thomas Parsons, Hampshire; page 148, James Kare, New River; page 149, John Hardin, Frederick; William Thompson, S. Hill; page 150, John Marks, Albemarle; page 152, Robert Young, Caro.; page 153, George Gibson, widow's son; Hugh Hamilton, Caroline.

Hardin JohnPerson:John Hardin (26)2439Not found
Hardin JohnPerson:John Hardin (26)25031755, September 2d.--Officers present, viz: Fairfax, , County

Lieutenant; Fairfax, _____, Colonel; T. B. Martin, Lieutenant-Colonel; Meredith Helm, Major; Richard Morgan, Captain; John Funk, Jr., Captain; Jeremiah Smith, Captain; Samuel Odell, Captain; Jacob Funk, Captain; William Bethel, Captain; Isaac Parkins, Captain; Edward Rodgers, Captain; John Hardin, Captain; John Lindsay, Captain; Cornelius Ruddell, Captain; William Vance, Captain; Lewis Stephen, Captain; John Denton, Captain; Thomas Swearingen, Captain.