Person:John Edwards (220)

m. 24 Nov 1658
  1. John Edwards1659 - 1723
  2. Mary Edwards1661 -
  3. Elizabeth Edwards1666 - 1666
  4. Lucy Edwards1666 - 1714
  5. William Edwards1669 - Bef 1731
  6. Samuel Edwards1671 - Bef 1731
  7. Elizabeth EdwardsEst 1675 -
  8. Francis Edwards1678 - Bef 1731
  9. Hannah Edwards1681 - 1710
  10. Frances Edwards1682 - 1757
  • HJohn Edwards1659 - 1723
  • W.  Margaret Lovell (add)
m. Abt 11 Apr 1693
  1. Thomas Edwards1693/94 - 1694
  2. Margaret Edwards1694/95 - 1698/99
Facts and Events
Name John Edwards
Gender Male
Birth[1] 22 Jan 1659 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage Abt 11 Apr 1693 probably Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesDate of marriage agreement
to Margaret Lovell (add)
Death[2][3][4] 6 Apr 1723 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Ipswich, Massachusetts to End of the Year 1849. (Salem, Massachusetts: Essex Institute, 1910, 1919)
    Vol. 1, p. 127.

    EDWARDS, John, s. John, [born] Jan. 22, 1659. CT.R.

  2. Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Ipswich, Massachusetts to End of the Year 1849. (Salem, Massachusetts: Essex Institute, 1910, 1919)
    Vol. 2, p. 547.

    EDWARDS, John, "Drum Major", [died] Apr. 6, 1723, in his 64th y.

  3. Massachusetts, Probate Court (Essex County). The Probate Records of Essex County, Massachusetts. (Salem, Massachusetts: The Essex Institute, 1916, 1917, 1920)
    Case 8611: Edwards, John, Ipswich. 1723, Apr. 9.

    Will of "John Edwards of Ipswich", dated 22 Feb 1721/2, proved 9 Apr 1723, names wife Margrit Edwards, David Loveill Sun of my Brother John Loveill, my Newphew Elizebeth Loveill Daufter of my Brother Alicksander Loveill, William Holand sun of my couzen Joseph Holon [under 21], Well beloved Brother Jonathan Whipple to be overseer.
    6 May 1723: Inventory of Jn'o Edwards of Ipswich Deceased, &pounds;571-12-7, by Nathaniel Lord, Dillingham Caldwell, Robert Lord. Oath made 17 May 1723 by "[blank] Edwards Executrix".
    26 Apr 1731: Inventory of Real Estate of Jn'o Edwards of Ipswich "after his wifs deceased".
    23 Nov 1731: Receipt of "Elizeth [Bertch?] William Wardell, Hannah Bernal all of Boston [heirs?] to the Eastate of John Edwards Late Deacest in Ipswich". [Note: Elizabeth Burch is his sister, William and Hannah are children of his sister Hannah Wardwell]
    20 Mar 1731/2: Rec'd of Mr. Jonathan Whiple Adm'r on the Estate of Mr John Edwards Late of Ipswich Dec'd ... being the full Legacy Left to David Lovell by the s'd John Edwards" Signed by Thomas [Berry?] attorney to David Lovell
    22 Apr 17[32]: Bond of Caleb Kimball & Jonathan Whipple all of Ipswich adm'trs Cum Testamenta Annexo De bonis non of John Edwards late of Ipswich afors'd Dec'd.
    8 Jun 1732: Receiv'd By us: the Subscribers: Viz John Baker Jun'r of Ipswich Joyner & Elisabeth: the now wife of s'd Baker: of Caleb Kimball: & Jonathan Whipple: Administrators on the Estate of John Edwards yeoman Late of Ipswich Decs't. [Note: legatee Elizabeth Lovell m. (int.) 1724 John Baker]
    22 Jun 1732: Wee Thomas Waite & Mary his Wife Do acknowledge that wee have receved of the Administ'rs In full ou'r part of the Parsaonl Estat of o'R Broth'r John Edwards & Sister his Wife Margerett Edwards, as P'r Inventory: giuen in to the Probett Office by Allexsand Lovell Admnit'r". Signed by Thom's Waite, Mary Waite. [Note: Mary Waite is John's sister]
    22 Jun 1732: Jonath. Whipple & his Wife Frances do acknowledge to have rec'd ou'r full p't of all the Parson'l Estate Left by o'r Brother John Edwards & by his Wife Margarett. [Note: Frances Whipple is John's sister.]
    23 Jun 1732: Agreement of heirs: "Thomas Waite & Mary his wife, John Kimball: Taylor, William Kimball, Benjamin Kimball, Nath'll Lord and Anna his wife, Moses Kimball Juni'r & Mary his wife: Jonathan Whipple & francis his wife all of Ipswich in the County of Essex and Elisabeth Birtch widdow: & Hannan Barnatt & Will'm Wardwell of Boston ... Heirs to the Estate of John Edwards Late of Ipswich", dividing probperty into five pieces "according to the number of s'd Edwards his sisters Viz: Mary Lucey Elisabeth ffrancis: & Hannah", "John & william & Benjamin Kimball Nath Lord & Anna his wife Moses Kimball his wife all Children of the aboves'd Lucey", "Hannah Burnet & William Wardwell: Children of the above s'd Hannah".
    Sep 1732: "Allexsand Lovill Admin to the Estate of Widow: Margerett Lovill Edward's Relect to John Edwards of Ipsw'ch Decease'd" for £60, quitclaiming all demands of ye Estate of s'd John Edwards "consarning ye Estate of ye s'd Margerett Edwards".

  4. Source:Hammatt, Abraham. Early Inhabitants of Ipswich, Mass. : Part One, p. 96, says Samuel is named as the eldest son in his father's will dated 1706, which would indicate this son died, to be succeeded by another son John. Hammatt also says this son died 1694 but no death record is found. However, John Edwards, "Drum Major" d. 1723, in his 64th year, so born about 1660. It turn out, at least, that Hammatt mis-represented the will (Essex Probate 8609). It never describes Samuel as the eldest. Rather it points out that John, Mary, and Lucy had their portions already, and Samuel is left a double portion of what is left. It was Hammatt's assumption that this meant he was eldest, but it is inconsistent with the other known facts, and appears wrong. The probate file contains very detailed information showing Hammatt was badly mistaken about the son John. It was him, not his father, who had a wife Margaret, he lived well past 1694, but all his children apparently died young, so his estate went to siblings and various other relatives.