Person:John Duncan (33)

John Duncan
Facts and Events
Name John Duncan
Gender Male

John Dunkin, Jr. appears on the First payroll, Dunmore's War for Southwest Virginia. Also appearing on this list are person:John Duncan (31) and his brother person:Rawley Duncan (1). Person:John Duncan (31) is known to have had a son John, but his DOB is generally given as 1763, and so would have been only 11 at the time of the roster, and therefore too young to have appeared in it. It seems more likey that this John Duncan is the son of Person:Rawley Duncan (1) or otherwise unrelated to the Duncan brothers.


Hamilton's article on the death of Issac Crissman gives the following information:

The estate of Isaac Crissman was administered at the first court held for Washington County on January 28, 1777, by Archibald Cox, with John Kinkaid, Abraham McClellan, John Anderson and John Snoddy as securities, and the appraisers of the estate were: John Kinkaid, Sr., James Wharton, John Dunkin and Samuel Porter. It is interesting to note of these men appraising and administering Crissman’s estate that Archibald Cox and Wharton were killed later by Indians, and John Dinkin and Samuel Porter were captured and carried to imprisonment in Canada.

There are a number of genealogies on Ancestry that seem to deal with a "Captain John Dunkin" who was taken prisoner by the British, and sent to Montreal. It is this Captain John Dunkin that Hamilton is presumably referring to. Samuel Porter is well documented as having been captured by the British in Kentucky and taken to Canada/Detroit. Presumably this John Duncan went with him to settle in Kentucky, and was also among those captured. Some genealogies that deal with this event associated this John Dunkin with a different origin altogether. It is not clear yet which story line is correct. More critically, it is not clear what relationship this John Duncan has to person:John Duncan (31)


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