Person:John Calvert (18)

John Calvert, of Orange County, VA
d.BEF 28 JUN 1739 Orange County, Virginia
m. 29 MAY 1673
  1. Ruth Calvert1674 -
  2. Isaac Calvert1676 -
  3. Thomas Calvert1680 -
  4. Joshua Calvert1680 - 1753
  5. George Calvert1683 -
  6. Daniel Calvert1685 -
  7. Mary Calvert1687 - BEF 1737
  8. John Calvert, of Orange County, VAABT 1689 - BEF 1739
  9. Judith Calvert1690 -
  • HJohn Calvert, of Orange County, VAABT 1689 - BEF 1739
  • WJane McMahanbef 1697 - AFT 1739
m. ABT 1714
  1. Robert CalvertABT 1715 - 1756
  2. Isiah Calvert1718 - 1748
  3. Margaret Calvertest 1725 -
  4. Richard Calvert1727 - bef 1772
  5. Rebecca Calvert1731 - aft 1790
  6. Ann Calvertest 1733 - 1803
Facts and Events
Name[1] John Calvert, of Orange County, VA
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1689 Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Marriage ABT 1714 to Jane McMahan
Death[1] BEF 28 JUN 1739 Orange County, Virginia

Land Records in Virginia

Frederick County,Virginia - Oct 9 1752 NNMS-II-135 Robert Rutherford, assignee of Rebecca Calvert & Ann Calvert Kinkiad (sic) no war(t), date from survey Oct 9 1752-Dec 31 1757 400a on Red Bud Run a branch of Opekon surveyed in 1732 (752a) from John Calvert who willed to three children. Rebecca & Ann sold their part adjoining Enoch Pearson, Isaac Hollingsworth, Great waggon road, Richard Calvert, Geo.Bruce cc Edward Griffith, Rich'd Abbet,Thomas Spencer & Wm Duckworth.

Will of John Calvert

From Orange County Virginia Will Book 1:

  • Pages 90-92. Will of John Calvert of the Colony of Virginia and the County of Orange, farmer, being sick and weak of body, dated 2 Oct. 1738.
Unto my wife Jane one third part of all my lands within this colony during her natural life to be taken out of that tract or plantation I now live upon.
To my sons Robert and Isiah the remainder of all that tract or parcell of land patined for eight hundred and fifty acres (where John Steavenson now lives) when Terrence Kellys part is laid of and taken from it according to agreement. The improved end of said land to my son Robert, the other to Isiah.
Whereas I have an additional survey joyning to the foresaid tract lying down the run called hoggs run and return made to the office but the pattin not yet come out nor at present am I certain of the quantity, I therefore hereby give unto my daughter Margaret three hundred acres to be taken of the lower end thereof on the foresaid run and the remainder of the said additional survey to my sons Robert and Isiah.
I give and appoint my son Richard Calvert the remainder of my home tract of land (when his mother's part is first taken off) to live upon during his said mother's lifetime and at her decease I give unto my two youngest daughters Rebecca and Ann Colvert each two hundred acres of land to be taken and laid of my said home plantation at the lower end thereof out of what is before appointed to my son Richard Colvert, my present dwelling house and the remains of the said nine hundred and ninety two acres thereto belonging to him after the death of his mother.
Unto my wife Jane my young bay mare.
Unto my son Robert the young gre horse called Wanton.
To my son Isiah his choice of the two young horse colts now going with my gree and bay mayers. The other of my said colts to my son Richard.
Unto my neece Elizabeth Corey one brindled calf, also another young cow with calf and a bay horse cold coming two years old.
To my three daughters Margaret, Rebecca and Ann a bay mare with a star in her forehead.
All the rest, residue and remains of my estate real and personal to be equally divided to my wife and six children.
My loving wife Jane Colvert and by beloved sons Robert and Isiah Calvert and my friend and brother Wm. McMahan my executors.
(signed) John Calvert
Wit: John Rennoll, Terrence Kelly, Henry Jones
28 June 1739. Presented into Court by Jane Calvert, Robert and Isiah Calvert and Wm. McMahan. Proved by the oaths of Terrence Kelly and John Rennolls.
  • Pages 92-83. Bond of Jane Calvert, Robert Calvert, Isaiah Calvert, Wm. McMahan, James McCrackin and Terrence Kelly unto Robert Slaughter, Gent. For ₤200. 28 June 1739. Jane Calvert, Robert Colvert, Isaiah Calvert, Wm. McMachen are exors. of John Calvert. (signed) Jane (X) Calvert, Robert Calvert, Isaiah Calvert, Wm. McMachen, James McCracken, Terrence Kelly.
Wit: Thos Wood.
28 June 1739. Ack. and OR. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 1, Dorman, pg. 18-19].
  • Pages 125-26. John Calvert. Inventory. Appraisers sworn before Morgan Morgan. Total valuation £68.4.7. (signed) David Vance, Senr., Robert Allan, David Vance, Junr.
Debts due by John Colvert's estate:
To Mr. Jost Hite £3.2.2
To John Harrow 13.1
To Grisham Woodall £ -.2.7½
To Robert Warph 4.4½
To George Boman 7.8
To Mr. James Wood 2.2.1
To James Megrowe 2.9
To James Cathey 1.8
To Wm. McMechen 2.8
To Nathaniel Chapman 10.-
To Jacob Whit 2.-
To Mr. Robert Brookes 17.6
We the undersigned executors do justify the above Count to be just and true.
(signed) Wm. McMachen, Jane Steavenson, Robert Colvert, Isaiah Calvert.
23 May 1740. Returned to Court. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 1, 1735-1743, Dorman, pg. 24-25].

Records in Virginia

John Calvert (among many others including Robert Wilson, Wm. McMachen, Thomas Willson, William Hoge) signed a petition for the Court to "suspend an order to build a waggon or cart road from the forks of the Sherendo (Shenandoah) River over the Blue Mountains, which they conveive impossible to be made without so much expence and trouble that the advantage thereof will not countervaile the same, the said mountains being so irigullar steep, hilly and rocky", in 1736. [Orange County Virginia Judgements, 1736, Dorman, pg. 100].
Petition, 23 July 1737. John Calvert signed a petition in Orange County, Virginia questioning Thomas Chester's "pressing forward upon us to make a waggon road through the Blue Ridge in a gap called Chester's Gap". [Orange County Virginia Judgements 1736, Dorman, pg. 113].
Pages 403-06. 23-24 Jan. 1749 [1740]. Terrence Kelley of Orange County to Thomas Rutherford, Gent., of same. Lease and release; for £9 current money and 400 acres of land. 250 acres which Terrence Kelley purchased of Robert Calvert 24 June 1739, part of 850 acres granted to John Calvert, deceased, father of Robert Calvert, and by John Calvert ordered by his last will and testament to be sold to Terrence Kelly... on a hill in a piece of grubby land... (Signed) Turrence Kelly. Wit: Robert Green, Thomas Wood, James Porteus, John Newport. 28 Feb. 1739 [1740]. Proved by Robert Green, Thomas Wood and James Porteus. [Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 3, Dorman, pg. 27].
Pages 14-16. 5-5 May 1740. William Hogg (Hoge) Senr. of Orange County to Robert Willson of same. Lease and release; for £1.12.- current money. 205 acres, part of his own tract that Willm. Hogg now lives on, granted by patent 12 Nov. 1735... near a small run... John Calvert corner... (signed) Williame Hoge. Wit: George (Z) Egger, Robt. Smith, Thomas (B) Beyu [Bayues in release]. 22 May 1740. Acknowledged by William Hogg. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 4, Dorman, pg. 35-36].
H-521: Jas. Carter of Frederick Co., 300 acres in said County. Surv. Mr. John Baylis. Where he lives on Abraham's Cr. on Branch of Opeckon, adj. John Calvert, dec'd, Isaac Hollinsworth, George Hollinsworth, Calvert's Heirs. 30 Oct. 1754. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 78].
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    John Calvert was in the present-day Winchester area of Virginia before 25 November 1732 when he had Robert Brooke survey 750 acres of land on "Red Bud Bottom." . . . This was Brooke's third survey in 1732 for land within the original boundaries of Frederick County, Virginia. This land is served by Virginia Highway 7 on the south with Frederick County Highway 661 running just north of the north line. The southernmost point is Woodstock Lane, west of Interstate Highway 81. A branch of Abrams Creek is on the south and Redbud Run is on the north (both waterways are branches of Opequon Creek) while Interstate 81 crosses the middle of this tract. John and his wife Jane lived on the north section of the tract.