Person:John Brown (499)

John Brown
Facts and Events
Name John Brown
Gender Male
Occupation[1] Explosives Worker

John Brock Brown (Senior) Birth Certificate

John Brock Brown (Senior) and Elizabeth Smith Nicol Marriage Certificate

John Brock Brown (Senior) Death Certificate

  1. Registrar, Parish of New Monkland, County of Lanark, Scotland. Marriage Certificate of John Brock Brown and Elizabeth Smith Nicol
    Marriage Certificate of John Brock Brown and Elizabeth Smith Nicol, 11 Sep 1920.

    EXTRACT of an ENTRY in a REGISTER of MARRIAGES, of 17 & 18 VICTORIAEkept in the undermentioned PARISH or DISTRICT, in terms Cap. 80, §§ 56 & 58.No. 267[Column 1]When, Where, and How Married.----1920 on the Tenth day of SEPTEMBERat New Monkland Manse,by AirdrieAfter Bannsaccording to the Forms of theEstablished Church of Scotland[Column 2]Signature of Parties.Rank or Profession, whether Single or Widowed, and Relationship (if any).----(SIGNED.)John Brock BrownRailway Clerk(Bachelor)----(SIGNED.)Elizabeth Smith NicolClerkess(Spinster)[Column 3]Age.----27----22[Column 4]Usual Residence.-----18, Midton Street, Springburn,Glasgow-----Mossbank,Glenboig,by Airdrie[Column 5]Name, Surname, and Rank or Profession of Father.Name, and Maiden Surname of Mother.----John BrownRetired Explosives WorkerCatherine BrownM.S. Brock----Alexander NicolJoiner (Journeyman)(deceased)Elizabeth Gemmell NicolM.S. Smith[Column 6]If a regular Marriage, Signatures ofofficiating Minister and Witnesses.If irregular, Date of Conviction, Decree of Declarator, or Sheriff's Warrant.----(SIGNED.)Ernest Sherwood GunsonMinister of New Monkland(SIGNED.)James Cathcart WrightWitnessJean Crozier NicolWitness[Column 7]When and where Registered,and Signature of Registrar.----1920September 11that AIRDRIE(SIGNED.)JOHN E. RUSSELLRegistrar.Extracted from the REGISTER BOOK OF MARRIAGES, for the PARISH of NEW MONKLAND, in the COUNTY of LANARK, this 11th day of SEPTEMBER 1920.} John E. Russell Registrar.