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John Beck
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Name John Beck
Gender Male
  1.   Pension Application of John Beck W3755
    Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris
    Commonwealth of Virginia
    Ohio County S.S.
    On this 18 day of March in the year of our Lord one th thousand eight hundred and forty
    before the Subscriber a Justice of the peace in and for the said County of Ohio, and ex officio one of the
    members of the County Court of said County, the same being a court of Record, personally appeared
    Rebecca Beck widow of the said County aged seventy six years who being duly sworn according to law
    doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the proviision made by
    the Act of Congress passed July 7th 1838 entitled “an Act granting half-pay and pensions to certain
    widows” That she is the widow of the late John Beck deceased, who was a Lieutenant in the Virginia
    Continental Line in the Revolutionary War. That she does not know precisely at what date or in what
    capacity her said husband entered the service. His Commission as Ensign bears date the 17th day of May
    AD. 1779 as will more fully appear upon reference to that document which is herewith filed marked A as
    part of this declaration. Affiant does not know precisely at what time her said husband entered the
    service, nor has she any means of ascertaining except from the records of the proper Department at
    Washington City, to which she respectfully refers, if that point be material in the premises. Affiant files
    herewith as part of this declaration the letter of Peter Wagner Esq. 3d Auditor, dated 25th March 1839
    marked B. shewing that her said husband “When he left the Army on the 31st of December 1782 was a
    Lieutenant in the Virginia Continental Line” and that “in that capacity he appears to have received his
    Commutation of Five years full pay in lieu of half-pay for life”
    Affiant further saith that in the nature of things she has no personal knowledge of the actual
    service of her said husband, but she well believes from the repeated declarations of her said husband in
    his lifetime and of others, many of whom served with him, That he served in the capacity of a Volunteer
    Soldier in Lord Dunmore’s war [summer and fall 1774] and subsequently with McDonald about which
    time as well as affiant recollects, he entered the regular Army as an Officer in Col. John Gibson’s
    Regiment. That he served a considerable time at Fort Pit [sic: Fort Pitt at present Pittsburgh]. That he was
    with Col. or Genl. McEntosh [sic: Gen. Lachlan McIntosh] at the time Fort McEntosh was built west of the
    Ohio River [Fort McIntosh at present Beaver PA, built autumn 1778]; That he commanded the Fort at
    Wheeling for about nine months or more and a small Fort at Holliday’s Cove in what is now Brooke
    County Virginia [Fort Holliday in present Hancock County WV] during a summer season; That he was in
    service at other places and in various skirmishes and battles with the Indians, That particulars of which
    she does not now recollect — Affiant further declares that she was married to the said John Beck on the
    13th day of June A.D. 1784 by the Rev’d. Mr Smith of Chestertown, Kent County Maryland, at his house –
    That her said husband died on the 29th day of August A.D. 1816. That she was not married to him prior to
    his leaving the service, but said marriage took place previous to the first of January seventeen hundred
    and ninety four – namely at the time and place above stated — [signed] Rebekah Beck
    State of Virginia }
    Ohio County to Wit }
    Personally came before me the Subscriber a Justice of the peace in and for said county Alexander Mitchel
    aged 64 and some months who being duly sworn deposeth and saith that he first became acquainted with
    Lieutenant John Beck, about the year 1778 or 1779, at that time said Beck was an officer in the United
    States Army, deponant frequent saw said Beck, at Westliberty and Vanmeters fort [Fort Liberty at West
    Liberty and Fort Vanmeter near present Clinton] in said County, with his regimentals or military clothes
    on, between the above date and the close of the Revolutionary War, and understood then, that he was a
    Lieutenant, and has always understood since that he served to the end of the War, said Beck after the war
    settled near the town of Westliberty in said county where he resided until the time of his death; during
    which time this deponant was frequently in the habit of seeing him
    Novem 21st 1833 [signed] Alex Mitchel
    Kent County State of Maryland
    I Elizabeth Walker do hereby certify this 7th of November 1833 that I well remember the day that
    my sister Rebekah Miller went to be married to Mr John Beck & they remained several months in Kent
    county after their marriage & I never heard that the smallest doubt was entertained, but what they were
    lawfully married, My father & mother believed it, & treated him as a son in law, they went to the West
    where Mr Beck had resided before his marriage, & in Ohio Count in Virginia State near Wheeling they
    lived together as man & wife, between thirty & forty years, & had a number of children, & in the course
    of that time, they came in together with several of their children with them at different times, on a visit to
    their friends in Kent county I have wrote the truth to the best of my knowledge to which I am willing the
    attest upon Oath being now 65 years of age Elizabeth Walker
    John Beck’s commission as Ensign in the Ninth Virginia Regiment was dated 31 Oct 1778 and
    signed at Philadelphia on 17 May 1779 by John Jay, President of Congress.
    On 8 Oct 1833 William Wilson, 69, a neighbor of John and Rebekah Beck, stated that upon the
    death of John Beck there were the following living children: John Wesley Beck, William Fletcher Beck,
    Francis Asbury Beck, Susannah Beck, and Rebecca Burns, who had since died leaving four children:
    George Burns, Alexander Burns, Elizabeth Burns, and Susannah Burns. On 7 Nov 1839 John Hurtt, 67,
    made a deposition in which he stated that the father of Rebekah Beck was Nathaniel Miller of Kent
    County. On 18 Mar 1840 Samuel Beck, 71, stated that he had known John Beck and Rebekah Miller in
    Kent County before their marriage and had been their neighbor after he moved to Ohio County in 1795.
    On 11 Dec 1843 Rebekah Beck was said to be about 81 and living in the town of West Liberty VA. On 23
    Apr 1848 she was said to be 85.
    On 1 Oct 1840 Francis Asbury Beck, 43, son of John and Rebekah Beck, certified that the family
    records transcribed below were taken from two family Bibles and are in his father’s handwriting. The
    records were also certified by Simon Lauck, a minister of the Methodist Episcopal church. Ink has bled
    through the page, making parts of the record difficult to read.
    Elizabeth Beck Daughter of John & Rebeckah Beck Was born March ye 9th 1785
    Mary Beck Daughter of John & Rebeckah Beck Was born October ye 8th 1786
    Rebeckah Beck Daughter of John & Rebeckah beck Was born December ye 14th 1788
    John Wesley Beck son of John & Rebeckah Beck Was born July ye 4th 1791
    Alexander Miller Beck son of John & Rebeck[page damaged] Beck Was born March ye 16th 1793
    William flectcher Beck Son of John & Rebecka[page damaged] Beck was born October ye 20th 1795
    Francis Asbury Beck son of John & Rebeckah Beck Was born September of 3rd 1797
    George washenton Beck Son of John & Rebeckah Beck was born August ye 3rd 1799
    James Armenias Beck son of John & Rebeck Beck was born May the 11th 1801
    Susanna Miller Beck the Daughter of John Rebeckkah Beck was born June the ninthd 1803
    Rachel Beck Daughter of John & Rebeck Beck, was born August ye 7th 1806
    Elizabeth Beck Daughter of John and Rebeckah Beck Departed This Life September ye. 13th 1796
    Elaxander Miller Beck Son of John & Rebeckah Beck Departed this Life April the Eighth day 1798
    James Armneas Beck Son of John & Rebeckah Beck Departed this Life August the 4th 1802
    George Wahinton Beck son of John & Rebeckah Departed This Life June ye Eleventh Day about Sun set
    Rachel Beck Daughter of John & Rebeckah Beck Departed this Life December ye 26th 1806
    Francis Asbury Beck Was born September the 3 1797