Person:John Armstrong (95)

Facts and Events
Gender Male

fl PA.

John Armstrong and Eleanor Gilchrist: Janet (email me directly aat has two sons for this couple: I. George 2. John

II. John and Elenor Wallace Armstrong: For this couple I have six children: 1. Mary 2. Isabel 3. James 4. William 5. Joseph 6. Isabella John Armstrong - born: March 8, 1724 in Lanercost, Cumberland Co England marriage 1: Eleanor Gilchrist - about 1740 in Fannett, Cumberland Co PA marriage 2: Eleanor Wallace - 1750 in Tuscarora Valley, Cumberland Co PA. died: June 10, 1772 in Tuscarora Valley, Cumberland Co PA. Outside of this information I know nothing of any descendants from there. As for his brothers and sisters, it goes as such: William Armstrong - born: abt. 1705 in Kirkandrews Parish, Cumberland Co England. marriage: Sarah ???? abt. 1719 in England. died: 1769 in Cumberland Co PA. Margaret Armstrong - born: October 6, 1706 in Kirkandrews Parish, Cumberland Co England. marriage: unknown died: unknown Robert Armstrong - born: November 9, 1712 in Kirkandrews Parish, Cumberland marriage: Elizabeth Bryers on June 14, 1736 in Kirkandrews Parish, Cumberland died: unknown Adam Abraham Armstrong - born: February 7, 1715 in Kirkandrews Parish, Cumberland marriage 1: Margaret Nixon on Dec 3, 1731 in Bewcastle, Cumberland Co England. marriage 2: Elizabeth Olifer on Dec 9, 1741 (place is disputed based upon marriage dates). died: May 20, 1779 in Peters, Franklin Co PA. Their parents are Adam Armstrong and Mary Foster. Adam was born 1685 in Cumbria, England, and Mary was born 1685, also, in Cumberland Co England. They were married on November 20, 1705 in Kirkandrews Parish, Cumberland Co England. Adam died 1749 in Canonbie, Cumberland Co England, and Mary's death date is unknown. Let me know if their is any information you may be able to provide on John and Eleanor, as I can go back further on this Armstrong line. For your knowledge, this information has come via these sources: William Armstrong, Col. Jimmy Dee Armstrong, myself, as well as numerous hours of census and document research. William is an Armstrong Family Researcher who spends much time looking for any and or all information pertaining to the Armstrong heritage. I hope to hear from you soon!! Dan Armstrong

Another source at has John & Eleanor Gilcrist with son George (qv) and also a son John b. 1740 in Cumberland PA married Hannah b. 1754 in Lancaster PA. in 1773, Lancaster, PA. John died 1801 in Ohio and Hannah died April 24, 1794 in River Spring, VA John and Hannah Armstrong had 11 children: Hannah abt 1774, William abt 1775, Robert abt 1776, Elizabeth abt 1777, Jeremiah abt 1778, Isabelle abt 1779, Margaret abt 1783, John abt 1784, James 1785, Jane abt 1786, Joseph 1788.