Person:John Argabrite (1)

Col. John Argabrite
b.17 February 1797 Greenbrier County, Virginia
d.10 December 1884
m. 4 December 1784
  1. Elizabeth "Betsy" Argabright1786 -
  2. Anna Catherina Argebright1790 - 1838
  3. Mary Ann "Polly" Argenbrite1791 - 1865
  4. Martin Argabright1792 - 1873
  5. Catherine ArgabriteEst 1795 - Bef 1844
  6. Col. John Argabrite1797 - 1884
  7. William ArgabriteEst 1798 - Bef 1844
  8. Abraham "Abram" Argabrite1804 - 1895
  9. Rebecca ArgabriteEst 1805 -
  10. Isaac Argabrite1807 - 1856
  11. Samuel ArgabriteAbt 1808 - Bef 1885
  • HCol. John Argabrite1797 - 1884
  • WMary HockmanBef 1803 -
m. 11 June 1820
  1. Jacob Hockman Argabrite1821 - 1899
  2. Susan Argabrite1824 - 1906
  3. Harvey Argabrite1826 - 1836
  4. Phares G. Argabrite1826 - 1861
  5. Abrilla Argabrite1830 - 1830
  6. John F. Argabrite1831 - 1852
  7. George B. Argabrite1834 - 1854
  8. Mary M Argabrite1834 -
  9. James H. Argabrite1836 - 1838
  10. Julia A.C. Argabrite1838 -
  11. Fletcher D. Argabrite1844 - 1862
  12. Alice M. Argabrite1847 - 1917
Facts and Events
Name Col. John Argabrite
Gender Male
Birth[1] 17 February 1797 Greenbrier County, Virginia
Marriage 11 June 1820 Greenbrier County, Virginiato Mary Hockman
Death[1] 10 December 1884
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    Colonel John Argabrite, a son of Jacob Argabrite, the Revolutionary soldier mentioned above, was born February 17, 1797, and died December 10, 1884. He married Mary, daughter of Jacob Hockman, who lived in the old stone house that stands on Muddy creek, which he had built as a home. It is now owned by a descendant, Mrs. Mary Gwinn.

    Colonel Argabrite was not in favor of secession, so he became eligible to sit on the Board of Supervisors of Blue Sulphur district. A story is told of him about this time. It was true, he said, that he was a Union man, opposed to secession, and always had been, but was always glad when our boys whipped. He was a prominent man in the county, and took part in its politics, serving in several positions of public trust, and having the name of filling such offices to the perfect satisfaction of the people. He was colonel of the Virginia militia.

    The children of John Argabrite were as follows:
    Jacob Hockman Argabrite, born March 20, 1821, and died November 30, 1899. He never married and lived with his brother, James M., in the old home, of which he was part owner. He was a Confederate soldier, serving in the Greenbrier Cavalry. and fought in the battle of Droop Mountain.

    Susan Argabrite, born February 8. 1824: died May 21. 1906. She married James Johnson, and lived at Johnson's Cross Roads, Monroe county.

    Phares G. Argabrite, born April 26, 1826; died in 1861. He married Rosanah Jarrett. daughter of James Jarrett, of Greenbrier County, and lived in his home on Muddy creek, Greenbrier county. Mr. Argabrite was a soldier in the Confederate army and his command was stationed at Greenbrier river bridge. Here he contracted the measles and was compelled to return home, only to find his family down with diphtheria. This he also contracted. and the combined diseases caused his death, in the first year of the Civil war. His wife and three sons survived him.

    Harvey Argabrite, born 1826, and died 1836.

    Abrilla Argabrite, born 1830, lived three months.

    John F. Argabrite, born March 16, 1831, lived with his father until he entered the medical college at Cincinnati, where he died on December 14, 1852.

    George B. Argabrite and Mary M. Argabrite, twins, born July 11, 1834. George lived with his father until his death, January 15, 1854. Mary married Caleb Johnson and lived at Johnson's Cross Roads, Monroe county.

    James H. Argabrite, born in 1836, died in 1838.

    Julia A. C. Argabrite, born August 31, 1838, married Joseph H. Bunger. Five daughters were born to this union. Since her husband's death Mrs. Bunger has lived with three of her daughters at Bunger's Mills, Greenbrier county. James Madison Argabrite, born May 17, 1840. (A sketch of whom is given below.) Salome B. Argabrite, born January 23, 1842, married Harrison H. Gwinn; lives on Lick creek, Summers county.

    Fletcher D. Argabrite, born December 21, 1844, lived with his father until his death, April 23, 1862.

    Alice M. Argabrite, born March 2, 1847, married Andrew Jarrett, grandson of James Jarrett, of Greenbrier county, and went to reside in Wisconsin, where she died, June 23, 1917.

    Druilla Argabrite lived but a few months.