Person:Jeremiah Carpenter (4)

m. bef. 1750
  1. Joseph Carpenterabt 1750 -
  2. Jeremiah Carpenterabt 1755 - 1830
  3. Jesse Carpenter1759 - 1843
  • HJeremiah Carpenterabt 1755 - 1830
  • WElizabeth Mann1752 - abt 1825
m. 8 March 1785
Facts and Events
Name Jeremiah Carpenter
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1755 Crooked Run, Frederick County, Virginia
Marriage 8 March 1785 Alderson, Rockingham County, Virginiato Elizabeth Mann
Death[1] 1830 Crooked Run, Frederick County, Virginia

Acquisition of Land

Land Records:

  • Jeremiah Carpenter of Greenbrier, for 300 pounds, bought of Moses Mann, son of John, deceased, and Fanny, wife of Moses, 160 acres, 1779.

Disputed Parentage

The parentage of Jeremiah Carpenter has long been disputed and is still uncertain today. Jim Comstock's "West Virginia Encyclopedia" lists him as a son of Sethison Carpenter.

One branch of the Carpenter line maintains through traditional history that Jeremiah was a son of William Carpenter, who was probably a son of Joseph Carpenter, an original settler in present day Alleghany County, VA. This traditional history is supported by Gay Arret's "Historical Sketches of Alleghany County VA" on page 11. In describing a 1764 Indian raid, Arret states, "The party which came to Jackson River traveled down Dunlap's Creek and crossed Jackson River above Fort Young in the nigh and went on down to William Carpenter's (Low Moor) where there was a stockade for under the care of a Mr. Brown." "The Indians met Carpenter near his home and killed him and made prisoners of Jeremiah Carpenter, a son of the slain man, and two sons of Brown and one woman. The Indians despoiled the house and taking some horses made a rapid retreat."

Although there are at least four Jeremiah Carpenters reported to have been alive in VA in 1750-1800, only one is ever known to have been captured by the Indians and held for a lengthy time. All sources agree that the Jeremiah who lived in present day Braxton County, WV served a lengthy captivity with the Indians.

Morton's "A Centennial History of Alleghany County VA" lists Jeremiah as a son of Solomon Carpenter, an original settler in the bounds of that county.

Jeremiah Carpenter, a son of Solomon and Sudna (Hughes) Carpenter, was born in present day Alleghany County, VA in 1755 and died in Braxton County, VA about 1832. In 1764, his uncle was killed by marauding Indians and Jeremiah was captured and carried to the Indian village "Old Town", across the Ohio River, opposite the mouth of the Great Kanawha River, where he was adopted and lived until he was eighteen years old. At that time he was exchanged (an action to which he was opposed).

Jeremiah served in Colonel William Fleming's Botetourt County regiment at the battle of Point Pleasant, VA during Lord Dunmore's war.

Jeremiah married his cousin Elizabeth Mann March 8, 1785. Elizabeth was a daughter of Moses and Fanny Mann.

Jeremiah Carpenter, William Scott and Richard Mays patented 900 acres of land in present day Braxton County, WV June 18, 1782 by virtue of Treasury Warrant No.12359. On April 20, 1785, they patented another 1,000 acres in the same area.

About 1780, Jeremiah traveled with his wife, and brother, Benjamin, to the Elk river where Centralia, Braxton County, is now.

He made a clearing in the virgin forest and built his home, about one-fourth of a mile above Dry Run. His brother Benjamin soon went back to VA, returning with a wife. Ben built his cabin at the mouth of Holly River, four miles below Jeremiah's home.

Many small bands of Indians roamed through the wilderness, so it wasn't long until the new settlement was discovered. One of the Indians slipped in, killed Benjamin's wife, and then hid in the cabin. Benjamin, his mother and a niece were on the south side of the river, where he was clearing a field and burning log heaps. Not knowing what had happened, Benjamin started to the cabin to prepare a meal. An Indian fired at him from the hill and missed. Benjamin ran to the cabin for his rifle. As he raised his hand to reach for his rifle, which hung over the door, he was shot under the arm and killed by the Indian that had scalped his wife. When his mother saw what had happened, she hid the girl in a hollow stump and covered it with a rock. She then ran up the river to get Jeremiah.

That night the Carpenters left their home and made their way up the river. They waded in the water to hide their trail, making their way up Laurel, and then up Camp Run, where they climbed the hill and hid under a rock, where they remained for some time. The cave is still known as "Saulie's Rock", because it was here that Jeremiah's son, Solomon Carpenter, was born.

CALHOUN COUNTY LINES & LINKS for December 1983 states that Jeremiah sold "a small tract of land on Elk River at the mouth of Holly river" to Peter Coger in 1817. This same source also lists Jeremiah's wife as Elizabeth Mann. Source:

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    Jeremiah CARPENTER was a large landowner in Braxton Co. VA/WV, who supposedly was captured in his youth was referred to as " Jerry ". He was born at Big Bend, Jackson River in Bath Co. VA & there was taken prisoner by Shawnees when he was 9 years old. He is said to have lived at Old Town, opposite the mouth of the Great Kanawha until he was exchanged & returned to Jackson River. Included in the incursion to Jackson River on September 13-14 of 1756 was a Nicholas Carpenter (killed), a Joseph Carpenter (prisoner escaped) and 5 Carpenter children (prisoners).