Person:Jean Bara (1)

Jean-Baptiste Bara
m. 30 Aug 1683
  1. Jean-Baptiste Bara1700 - 1782
m. bef 16 Apr 1730
m. 5 Feb 1743
  1. Antoine Bara1757 -
m. 13 Jun 1761
  1. Nicolas Bara1771 - 1819
Facts and Events
Name Jean-Baptiste Bara
Gender Male
Birth[1] Mar 1700? Jouy-les-reims, Marne, France
Christening[1] 13 Mar 1700 Jouy-les-reims, Marne, France
Marriage bef 16 Apr 1730 New Orleans, Louisiana (or Pointe Coupee?)(his 1st wife)
to Anne Pleine
Marriage 5 Feb 1743 Pointe Coupee, Louisiana, United States(his 2nd wife)
to Marie Barbe Poche
Marriage 13 Jun 1761 Pointe Coupee, Louisiana, United States(his 3rd wife)
to Marie Jeanne De Lattre
Death[2] 1782
Burial[2] 9 Apr 1782 St. Francis Church Cemetery, Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana
First Families of Louisiana     

This individual is part of the lineage of a certified
Colonial Louisiana Ancestor
by the
Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Society

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He was among a group of "concessionaries and their people" who embarked for the Louisiana colony from La Rochelle on the flute La Marie, 23 May 1718 and arrived at Dauphine Island 18 Aug 1718.S3

In the "Census of Inhabitants of Louisiana, dated 1 Jan 1726, Jean Bara is listed in the Natchez area with a wife and 4 arpents of cleared land. Jean Bara and his 1st wife, Ann Plaine, were listed in the "Parish of New Orleans" on 16 Apr 1730 for the baptism of their daughter, Anne Bara. They were listed at Pointe Coupee for the baptism of their son, Jean Barras, 20 Jan 1739.S4

"J. Bte. Bara, called Le Blond," age 46, appears with his 2nd wife, Marie Barbe Pauque, age 18, in the 1745 census of Pointe Coupee.S5

"Bara, age 60, and wife, age 22" are listed in the Spanish census of Pointe Coupee in 1766.S6

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