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Janet Cowan
Facts and Events
Name Janet Cowan
Gender Female

The wife of Alexander I of the Wigton Walker line is sometimes identified as "Jennet Cowan". Source:White, 1902 does not give the name of his wife. A marriage record for an Alexander Walker and Janet Cowan couple has been located in Wigtonshire, at approximately the correct date to correspond to this couple. The names of the children from this marriage, as shown in baptismal records, are similar but not identical to the names of the children of Alexander I, who came to America with their uncle John Walker II. There is also a later marriage record for an Alexander Walker to another woman, and it is speculated that Jennet Cowan died, leaving several young children, but that the second wife did not welcome the children of the first marriage. The speculation then goes on to state that their uncle John took these children in, and took them with him to Ireland, and eventually to America. This line of reasoning is plausible, but there seems to be no compelling reason to consider it proven. Additional data would be needed to show that the marriage of Alexander Walker to Jennet Cowan was indeed the first marriage of Alexander I.