Person:James Vance (20)

James David Vance
d.21 December 1816
m. Est. 1734
  1. Samuel Vanceest 1734 - 1799
  2. Mary VanceEst 1739 -
  3. Joseph VanceEst 1742 -
  4. William VanceEst 1746 - Bef 1792
  5. Sarah VanceAbt 1749 -
  6. James David Vance1751 - 1816
Facts and Events
Name James David Vance
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1751 Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia
Death[1] 21 December 1816

Records in Virginia

On January 3, 1770 - James David Vance bought 200 acres of land , part of which had been granted to Samuel Glass deceased by Lord Fairfax 11//8/1754, and fell to Samuel Glass, Sr. of Agusta Co., VA. Said land was a division between Samuel Glass, Sr and John Beckett.
3 January 1770, Frederick Co., Virginia Deed Book 13, Page 177. - Samuel Glass, of Augusta Co., Virginia leases to James David Vance, of Frederick Co., Virginia for five shillings, 200 acres. Bounded as follows: Beginning at a Red Oak & White Oak saplings corner to the division between Samuel Glass Sr. and John Becke Esq., thence running S 47 W 172 poles to a Hickory saplin and a Spanish Oak in a valley and in the line of John Snapp Jr., thence with Snapp's line S 43 E 50 poles to a Hickory & two White Oaks his corner, the course continues 160 poles to a Spanish Oak & a Red Oak in a drain of Lewis Stephen's spring, thence N 47 E 152 poles to a Spanish Oak on a small ridge in the line of Hite's corner to Samuel Glass Sr., then with his line N 64 W 12 poles to a White Oak, thence N 45 W 100 poles to a White Oak, then N 26.30 W 105 poles to the beginning. Signed Samuel Glass, in the presence of Samuel Vance, John Gilkison, Robert Willson, William Vance, David Vance and John Harbison.
On May 1, 1775 James David Vance bought from Joseph and Elizabeth Roberts 500 acres of land on the North Side of the Great or Dutch Waggon Road. On 5/29/1779, James David and Mary Vance sold 150 acres of the 1775 purchase of 400 acres to William Wilkerson.
Frederick Co., VA deed book 51, page 73 tells us that in 1825, only three of James David and Mary "Glass" Vance's children were living.
Thomas O. Pinkerton wrote in Vance family newsletter January 1987:
James David Vance apparenty died without a Will, for the only reference I could find of his death was an inventory of his estate in value of $2,148.83 made on April 22, 1817.
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