Person:James Nash (2)

Ensign James Nash
m. Abt 1666
  1. Jacob Nash1667 - Aft 1690
  2. Joseph Nash1669 - 1751
  3. John Nash1671 - Bef 1752
  4. Abigail Nash1673 -
  5. Mary Nash1675/76 -
  6. Ensign James Nash1678 - 1725
  7. Thomas Nash1681/82 - 1724
  8. Alice Nash1684/85 - 1751
  9. Benjamin Nash1685/86 - 1724
  10. Sarah Nash1688 -
  11. Experience NashAbt 1690 -
  • HEnsign James Nash1678 - 1725
  • W.  Hannah (add)
m. Abt 1700
  1. James Nash1700/01 - 1759
  2. Hannah Nash1701 - 1760
m. Bef 1710
  1. Experience NashAbt 1708 - 1773
  2. Peter NashBef 1710 -
  3. Mary NashAbt 1712 - 1755
  4. Jacob Nash1714 - Bef 1728
  5. Abigail Nash1714 - 1808
  6. Sarah Nash1719 -
  7. Samuel Nash1721 - 1814
  8. Silence Nash1726 - 1802
Facts and Events
Name Ensign James Nash
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1678 Weymouth, MA
Marriage Abt 1700 Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United Statesto Hannah (add)
Marriage Bef 1710 to Experience Petty
Death[2][3][4] 27 Aug 1725 Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

No marriage records found for James Nash. Potentially from 1-3 wives depending on how you interpret all the data.

Source:Vital records of Weymouth, Massachusetts, to the year 1850, p. 1:192, shows the birth to James and Hannah of daughter Hannah [Sept. 4, torn, ?1701] and son James [June 22, 1700-1 [sic]]. This suggests a first wife named Hannah. It is unfortunate that both dates are mangled, but it seems likely all this activity is within a couple of years of 1700.

Source:Pane-Joyce Report, at [1], says that James and wife Experience arrived in Abington in 1710 with three children: James, Hannah, and Peter. (It appears to cite Source:The Nash family of Weymouth, Massachusetts as a source, which I have not seen.) This is 6 or 7 years later, with only one additional child (whose birth record is unknown to me) which would be a typical pattern to see if the first wife died in that interval. Experience's maiden is given as Pettee (citing the same source). [Settlement of James' estate mentions a daughter Experience who most likely was born before 1710 and should have been included in this listing.]

In Source:Vital records of Abington, Massachusetts, to the year 1850, p 1:142-1:147, it lists Abigail, bp. 1714; Jacob, bp. 1714, Sarah, b. 1719; Samuell, b. 1721; Silence, bp. 1726. The last three explicitly name the mother as Experience, but no mother is identified for the first two. There is no birth record for the Mary Nash who married Obadiah Reed in 1731, but she is named in the settlement of her mother's estate in 1737 and her age at death calculates to a birth in 1712.

Source:Hobart, Benjamin. History of the Town of Abington, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, p. 414, lists James wife as Mary ---. It is not known what the basis for this is, as no child's birth record gives her name. If one believes the Pane-Joyce statement, James never had a wife named Mary while in Abington since he arrived with Experience and she was still his wife when his last children were born.

Source:The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, p. 55:221, suggests Experience Drake m. Boston 23 Jan 1706 William Richards, Jr. and "perhaps" m. (2) James Nash of Weymouth. But the article is only a reader's query and gives no basis for this supposition. Clearly, there is not much time between 1706-1710 for her to become a widow, grieve, and remarry in a different town as this scenario would require. Source:Ancestors of James Wilson Yates and his wife Nancy Davis Terry : showing Mayflower descent from John Alden, Myles Standish, William Mullines, Alice Mulines, Priscilla, p. 44, indicates William Richards d. 2 Jan 1728, which seems to rule this out fairly conclusively.

The only birth record of anybody by the name Mary or Experience and surname Petty/Pettee/Pittee in Weymouth or Abington that looks relevant is "Pittey, Mary, ch. Joseph and Sarah, [born] Dec. 27, 1672" who is about 5 years older than James.

In summary, it looks like there were at least two wives, Hannah, presumably mother to James and Hannah and then Experience probably mother of all the rest (surely Experience is the most likely mother of daughter Experience, and as she seems to be older than Peter Experience is probably mother of Peter, and Experience appears to be the mother of all Abington born children, and so that accounts for the rest). --Jrich 15:10, 21 June 2009 (EDT)

  1. Chamberlain, George Walter. History of Weymouth, Massachusetts. (Weymouth, Massachusetts: Weymouth Historical Society, under direction of the town, 1923)

    Children of Lt. Jacob Nash and Abigail Dyer; James, b. 1678, removed to Abington in 1710.

  2. Hobart, Benjamin. History of the town of Abington, Plymouth County, Massachusetts: from its first settlement. (Boston: T.H. Carter and Son, 1866)

    James (Ensign), son of Lieut. Jacob, first Town Treasurer of Abington, died 1725, m. Mary ----.

  3. Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records to the Year 1850. (Boston, Mass: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1912)

    Nash, James, Ens., [died] Aug. 27, 1725.

  4. Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. Plymouth County, Mass., Probate records, 1686-1903; with index and docket, 1685-1967. (Originals with town clerk, filmed by Genealogical Society of Utah, 1968)
    FHL film 0550513, Vol. 7, p. 406-408.

    "The Settlement of ye Estate both real & personal of Mr James Nash late of Abington in the County afores'd dec'd ... among the Children of ye s'd Deceased & is accordingly Settled on them as the Law Directs in manner following ... last day of Setpember anno Domini - 1728: To Mrs Experience Nash Relict Widow of ye s'd James Nash Deceased her Thirds ... The Remainder of the Estate being Divided into ten equal shares ... To James Nash the Eldest son [the first and second share] ... To Peter Nash one of ye Sons of ye s'd Deceased the third share ... To Mary Nash one of ye Daughters of ye s'd Deceased the fourth Share ... To Samuel Nash one of ye Sons of ye s'd Deceased the fifth Share ...To Silence Nash one of ye Daughters of ye s'd Deceased the Sixth Share ... To Abigail Nash one of ye Daughters of ye s'd Deceased the Seventh Share ... To Sarah Nash one of ye Daughters of ye s'd Deceased the Eighth Share ... To Experience Pratt the Wife of Joshua Pratt of Abington afores'd and one of ye Daughters of ye s'd Deceased the Ninth Share ... To Hannah Dyer the Wife of Christopher Dyer of Abington afores'd & one of ye Daughters of ye s'd Deceased the tenth Share ..."