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James Hubbard
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Name James Hubbard
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Bergen, 1881

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Bergen, 1876

Bergen, Teunis G. 1876. The Bergen family; or, The descendants of Hans Hansen Bergen, one of the early settlers of New York and Brooklyn, L.I. Albany: J. Munsell.

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p 49-50 Reference _is also made to Hansen's lands in a survey of the disputed _bounds between Newtown and Bushwick, made by Capt. _James Hubbard of Gravesend, about 1669, the draft of _which is still preserved, and purports to be a " description of "_Mispath Kills, soe farre as to point out y" setuation of yc " _place, for som ffarther information of two houses formerly " _inhabited, ye one by Hance ye Boore (farmer) wch were " _Hance Hansonn, yc other called ye Poles house." (2)

(2) Riker's Newtown, p. 83.

To settle this dispute between Bushwick and Newtown, _Gov. Lovelace appointed " Thomas Delavall, Matthias " _Nicols, Jeames Hubbard, Jacques Courteleau, Elbert " _Elbertson, and Elias Doughty," as commissioners, who _made a report June 28th, 1672, which report was approved _of by Gov. Dongan and council, April 28th, 1684