Person:James Freeman (38)

James H. Freeman
d.Bef 25 Jun 1792 Fauquier County, Virginia
m. Bef 1725
  1. James H. Freeman1725 - Bef 1792
m. Bef 1750
  1. Hannah FreemanAbt 1750 - 1776
  2. William Compton Freeman1751 - 1827
  3. Mary Freeman1755 - 1795
  4. James H. FreemanAbt 1756 - 1814
Facts and Events
Name James H. Freeman
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1725 Charles County, Maryland
Marriage Bef 1750 Virginiato Margaret Williams
Death[1] Bef 25 Jun 1792 Fauquier County, Virginia[Will Probate]

Will Abstract

2-226: Will of James Freeman Sen, [written] 8 May 1792: sick and weak of body, ... to my daughter Sally Freeman ... her grandfathers George Williams's estate which was by him bequeathed to her mother ... to my youngest daughter aforesaid at her mothers decease; my wife Margaret Freeman during her natural life; my grandson Gollop Freeman (alias Duncan) one bed and furniture; son Garrett Freeman one bed and furniture and ...; son Nathaniel Freeman; daughter Mary Hackley (torn edge) of James Hackley; daughter Eleanor Silman wife of Joseph Silma- (torn edge); son William Freeman; land ... 1/3 to two sons William Freeman and James Freeman ... divided between them; two sons Garrett Freeman and Nathaniel Freeman 1/6 part of the monies ... divided between them; grandson Gollop Freeman (alias Duncan) 1/6 part of monies ...; daughter Elizabeth Fletcher wife of John Fletcher 1/3 part of the monies; part of estate lent to my wife during her natural life ... 1/7 (sic) part equally divided between my four sons William Freeman, James Freeman, Garrett Freeman and Nathaniel Freeman and two daughters Elizabeth Fletcher and Eleanor Silman; residue of estate divided ... 1/7 equally divided between surviving children of daughter Mary Hackley and remaining part divided between four sons William Freeman, James Freeman, Garrett (page edge missing) and Nathaniel Freeman and my two other daughters Elizabeth Fletcher and Eleanor Silman.
Exec. two sons William Freeman and James Freeman and wife Margaret Freeman.
Wit. James Routt, William Williams, Samuel Wharton Jun.
Prob. 25 June 1792.
Bond by John Blackwell, Samuel Wharton, William Williams.
(FHL film 31,566)
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    04-215James Freeman. 1725-ca. 1792);, son of Robert Freeman, Sr., and Anne
    Robins, born ca. 1725, died 1792, married Margaret Williams, daughter of
    George Williams of Faquier County. He was a trustee of the Baptist Church
    on Hedgman's River in 1790. Issue:
    05-215.1Hannah Freeman. 1750-before 1785);.1);, born ca. 1750, died prior
    to 1785, married Joseph Duncan. Mr. Duncan married secondly Hannah Jennings
    on September 26, 1785. Issue (by Hannah Freeman) possibly among others:
    06-215.11Gollop Duncan (Freeman).11);. After his mother's death he assumed
    the name of Freeman, probably because he lived with his grandparents.
    05-215.2Sally Freeman.2);, evidently remained single. Mentioned in both
    father's and brother, William C. Freeman's wills.
    05-215.3Garrett Freeman.3); moved to Kentucky (Madison County.)
    05-215.4Nathaniel Freeman.4); moved to Kentucky.
    05-215.5William . Freeman (?-1827);. (05-215.5);. (q.v.)
    05-215.6James Freeman, Jr.. 1760-?);. (05-215.6); (q.v.)
    05-215.7Mary Freeman.7); married James Hackley.
    05-215.8Elinor Freeman.8); married Joseph Silman of Culpepper.
    05-215.9Elizabeth Freeman.9); married John Fletcher on March 30, 1780.
    05-215.ACharlotte Freeman, Charlotte (05-215.A); (possible) married Joseph
    (?) on December 11, 1790.
    05-215.BBurkett Freeman.B); (possible) who moved to Kentucky.

    William C. Freeman 05-215.5
    05-215.5William C. Freeman. (05-215.5); married (?) Hufman, daughter of
    (?) Hufman and Peggy, his wife. Mr. Freeman died in 1827. Issue:
    06-215.51Elizabeth Freeman.51); married John Spilman.
    06-215.52Hannah Freeman.52); married Lott McDaniel.
    06-215.53Maria Freeman.53); married Charles Withers.
    06-215.54Sally Freeman.54); married William Settle.
    06-215.55Sophia Freeman.55); married Edgar Doores.
    06-215.56Thomas Freeman.56);.
    06-215.57William Freeman, Jr.. (06-215.57);, married Sally Settle, June
    15, 1777.
    06-215.58James Freeman.58);.
    06-215.59Stephen Freeman.59);.

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