Person:Jacob Holtzclaw (2)

Jacob Holtzclaw
m. Est. 1729-1735
  1. Joseph HoltzclawEst 1731-1744 -
  2. Jacob Holtzclaw1737/38 - 1812
m. 1758
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Holtzclaw
Gender Male
Birth[1] 17 FEB 1737/38 Prince William County, Virginia
Marriage 1758 to Susanna Thomas
Death[1] 21 OCT 1812 Mercer County, Kentucky

From "Germanna History", Notes:

Nr. 1443: Jacob Holtzclaw, the son, not the immigrant, was introduced in the last note. Let's give a few more words about him. He was born in Prince William County on 17 Feb 1738, and died in Mercer Co., Kentucky, on 21 Oct 1812. He married, about 1758, Susanna Thomas, the daughter of John Thomas and a Mary unknown. John Thomas made a gift deed of land to Jacob on 20 Nov 1760.

Jacob and Susanna lived in Culpeper from about 1760 to 1775. Jacob had land at Germantown, but he sold some to his brother-in-law, Jeremiah Darnall, shortly after his father's death in 1760. He deeeded away other land in Fauquier County in 1772. On 20 Feb 1775, he sold the land in Culpeper County that had been deeded to him by his father-in-law, John Thomas. He apparently moved immediately to Kentucky.

In 1776, he applied for land in Kentucky, stating he had already raised a crop on it, and he was granted 400 acres in Lincoln Co., 1 Dec 1782. He served in the Revolution in Kentucky, including a campaign against the Indians by Gen. Clark in 1782 (we have already mentioned that Abraham Thomas was in this campaign also).

I have recently mentioned Adam Smith whose daughter Susanna married Abraham Thomas. Adam had two brothers, Zacharias and John, and the three of them moved to Kentucky about 1777 (at least that the last year of any records in Culpeper County for them). Zacharias married, about 1760, Ann Elizabeth Fishback, who was the daughter of John Frederick Fishback and Ann Elizabeth Holtzclaw. Remembering that these Smiths had a mother, Ann Magdalena Thomas, the sister of John Thomas and of Michael Thomas, we see another Thomas and Holtzclaw connection.

About the same time that Jacob Holtzclaw was raising corn in Kentucky, Zacharias Smith was doing the same. Very likely, they had engaged in this activity together.

Zacharias was married twice, the second wife being Sarah Ann Watts. His brother, John, married an Elizabeth, but her maiden name is unknown. The third brother, Adam, was married twice and we can say very little about his wives names except the second wife seems to be an Elizabeth.

In general, wives and children are very hard to trace in the Thomas family

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