Person:Irene Wardwell (2)

Irene Wardwell
m. BET 1788 AND 1789
  1. Abigail Wardwell1789 - 1855
  2. Joel Wardwell1791 - 1814
  3. Sarah Wardwell1793 - 1794
  4. Rev. Stephen Wardwell1795 - 1851
  5. Daniel Wardwell1797 - 1798
  6. Sylvia Wardwell1799 - 1888
  7. Taylor Wardwell1801 - 1860
  8. Mary Wardwell1803 -
  9. Irene Wardwell1806 - 1826
  10. Daniel Wardwell1808 - 1818
  11. Sally Wardwell1810 - 1813
  12. Loraine Wardwell1813 - 1814
  13. Joel Wardwell1817 - 1838
Facts and Events
Name Irene Wardwell
Gender Female
Birth[1] 20 MAR 1806 Penobscot, Hancock, ME
Death[2] 14 JUN 1826 Penobscot, Hancock, ME

Died, in Penobscot, (Me.) June 14th, Irene Wardwell, daughter of Capt. Daniel Wardwell, aged twenty years. Although her friends are called to mourn the loss of one so endeared, yet she left them the consolatory evidence that their loss was her eternal gain. At the age of 13 she espoused the cause of God, and gave evidence that she had passed from death unto life. Though she always spoke, of her spiritual standing with diffidence, yet she was strictly virtuous and her morals irreproachable. During a long and distressing sickness, she was very patient; and when she was asked what her views were concerning death, her reply generally was, "I have a hope in God, but want a brighter evidence." But about a fortnight previous to her decease, when death appeared about to do his office, her Saviour graciously visited her, and her soul was filled with love. Her sufferings were extreme; but when she had a moment's respite she would converse with the greatest composure upon her approaching dissolution. She said she believed her long fit of sickness was to ripen her for heaven. She spake to the Rev. J. Lull to preach her funeral sermon, and requested him to preach to the young people; and said, "If I could be the means of saving one soul, how happy should I be." A few days previous to her death, while her brother Stephen was speaking to her of the great company which John the Revelator saw, who came up out of great tribulation, having washed their robes white in the blood of the Lamb-she exclaimed, "Glory! glory ! glory ! When shall I join that blood-bought company." She retained her senses to the last; and without a struggle or a groan sweetly fell asleep in the arms of her Saviour. Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like theirs. -Zion Herald 26 July 1826

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