Person:Icybinda Wheelock (1)

m. 7 Jul 1800
  1. Icebinda Wheelock1800 - 1841
  2. Prescott Wheelock1802 -
  3. Adeline Wheelock1803 -
  4. Jonathan Wheelock1806 -
  5. Jefferson Wheelock1808 -
  6. Caroline Wheelock1811 -
  7. Mary C Wheelock1813 -
  8. Alonzo G Wheelock1817 -
  9. Emeline L. Wheelock1819 -
  10. Huldah H. Wheelock1824 -
m. 24 Sep 1827
  1. Sarah B Williams1828 - 1865
  2. Caroline W. Williams1830 - 1912
  3. Icybinda Mariah Williams1833 - 1853
  4. Frederick Alonzo Williams1837 -
  5. Child Williams1841 - 1842
Facts and Events
Name Icebinda Wheelock
Alt Name Icybinda Wheelock
Gender Female
Birth[1][3] 29 Oct 1800 Warwick, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 24 Sep 1827 Warwick, Franklin, Massachusetts, United Statesto Melzar Williams
Alt Death[1] 19 Jun 1841 Warwick, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
Death[2][4] 20 Jun 1841 Warwick, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States


Her name is spelled several ways, as would be expected from such an unusual name: Icybinda, Icebinda, Jabinda, Isabinda, Scybinda, Icybrinda. Some variations are undoubtedly due to the town clerk not knowing how to spell the name, and some are due to researchers who would have never seen such a name before and, so, were confused while interpreting the handwriting. Icebinda is used on the gravestone, and Icybinda seems to be the most common variant seen in records. Upon searching Google, Icybinda seems to be seen on a few genealogical websites.

Daughter of Jonathan and Prudence?

The identification of Icibinda's parents as Jonathan Wheelock and Prudence Smith is based on the vital records of Warwick. Icibinda was born about 3 1/2 months after the marriage of her parents.

Book 1, p. 90

Jonathan Whelock and Prudence Smith, both of this town, intend marriage. June 7, 1800.

Book 1, p. 154

The Rev. Caleb Rich certifieth that the following persons were joined together in marriage by him. Viz:

Jonathan Whelock and Prudence Smith. both of Warwick. July 7. 1800.

Book 2, p. 164

Family of Jonathan Wheelock & Prudence his wife
Icybind Born Oct 29th 1800
Prescott Born April 9th 1802
Adaline Born Decem'r 22th [sic] 1803
Jonathan jr Born October 22th[sic] 1806
Jefferson Born Sept: 11th 1808
Carline Born December 29th 1811
Mary C Born Feby: 9th 1813
Alonzo G Born Jan'y: 29th 1817
Emaline L. born April 23th 1819
Huldah H. Born April 23th 1824.


It is unusual for colonial women to give birth so soon after their marriage as happened here. Also, Jonathan was technically 5 months under age at the time of his marriage. This caused considerable investigations to ensure this arrangement was correct. This wasn't helped by an apparent error in Marilyn Allred.

Icibinda's parents were identified as Elezer and Huldah is based on secondary sources (i.e., Source:Wheelock, Walter T. Wheelock Family in America, 1637-1969). This is not a particularly reliable source. In disagreement, she is not listed in this family in Source:Weis, Frederick Lewis. Reverend Ralph Wheelock, A.M., of Dedham and Medfield, Massachusetts, and Some of His Descendants. It is clear neither source had access to the Warwick records. Her birth conflicts somewhat with Eleazer's son Humphrey, making this doubtful.

In an oddity, Icibinda's aging aunt Experience (Wheelock) Fiske is living with Melzar Williams long after Icibinda had died, when Melzar had a different wife. Experience would have been 16 at the time of Icibinda's birth, and herself did not marry until 45, one year after Icibinda married. But no evidence of a closer relationship has been found.

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    Date of Death: June 19th 1841
    Name: Icibinda Williams wife of Melzar Williams
    Age: Forty one ys
    Sex: Female
    Occupation: [blank]
    Cause: Consumption

  2. Find A Grave: Warwick Cemetery, Warwick, Mass., in Find A Grave
    Icebinda Wheelock Williams.
    Wife of
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    Died June 20, 1811.
    Aged 41.

    Daughter of
    Melzer & Icebinda
    Williams. Aged 4 mo.
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    [Note: this family is listed under the letter "M" !?]

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