Person:Henry Draper (5)

Henry Draper
Facts and Events
Name Henry Draper
Gender Male
Will[2] 7 Aug 1558
Probate[2] 17 Dec 1558
Burial[1] 18 Dec 1558 Camberwell, London, EnglandSt Giles
  1. Parish Register.

    Decimo octavo die sepulcher henricus Drap gen

  2. 2.0 2.1 Will of Henrie Draper of Camberwell, Surrey, in Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Prerogative Court. Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate Records, 1384-1858
    PROB 11/42A/132.

    In the name of god amen I Henrie Draper of Camerwell in the Countie of Surr. the viith Daye of the moneth of August in the yere of our lorde god a thousande fyve hundreth fiftie and Eight and in the fifte and sixte yeres of the Reignes of our soveraigne lorde and ladie Philipp and Marie by the grace of god Kinge and Queene of England beinge hole of mynde and of a sounde and perfecte remembrance god be praysed therof make ordeyne and declare my last will and testament in maner and fourme followinge: Firste and before all things; I commend my self unto god and unto his mercie. Item I will that myne executor shall in as convenient space as he may after my departure paie all my debts and all the debts which my mother ought wch I will to be levied and paide with the moneye comynge of my corne and haye lyinge and beinge in my barnes and Croft lynge and occupied wt my house uppon the grene at Cam’well aforesaid and my house and premeses called Albertone in the said parisshe of Cam’well and in the saide countie of Surrey. Item I will and bequeath unto Briget my wife the occupacon and all the issues revenues and proffitts comyng and growinge of all those landes pastures and medowes called Millewellhill in the parisshe of Cam’well and Lambeth in the countiee of Surrey for the terme of xxx yeres if the said Bridgett so longe do lyve, and if it fortune the said Bridgett decease and die before the said xxx yeres be ended and expired, then and frome the deathe of the said Bridgett I will and give the said lease and terme of yeres of and in the said terme if anye thereof then remayne unto my brother Mathu Draper and to his assignes. / . Also I will and give unto Bridget my wife all suche housholde stuffe goods caattals and other things whatsoever as I or she or either of us had provided gotten and Bought or otherwise obteyned before the deathe of my mother for the fyrnyshing of my farme of alfarthing. I give unto my wife all her rings her chayne of golde, her Flower of golde wt stones her book of golde, her billement of goldesmythes worke and other other Juells, I give unto my wife eleven spones with pestells one gilte spone & goblett silver p[ar]cell gilte, one salte gilte with out a clover my bigger cruse gilte wt the cover./. The Residue of my plate not bequeathed before now hereafter I will and give to myne executor for the payment of my Debts if the corne and haye aforesaid be not hable to discharge the same./. I will and give unto Edmond Bowyer my nephewe one little salte gilte and one silver spone gilte. And I will unto Elizabeth Bowyer my sisters daughter a grater of silver gilte and one silver spone. Also I will unto my brother John Fromonndes one yoke of my oxen, and I will and bequeath unto my sister Fromonndes my mandley cuppe of silver and gilte Item I give unto my brother Mathu xx qters of Otes & x quarters of barley./. Item I give and bequeath unto my brother Mathie all that my farme of Albertons with all the landes and tenements thereunto belonging or in the same purchased or occupied as p[ar]cell of the same ferme, to have the said Ferme and premysses nexts before mencyoned to my said brother Mathie and to the heyres of his bodie laufullie begotten.: The Residue of my goods and cattalls not Before bequeathed or will, I comytte to the discretion my my executor, and do ordeyne and make my Executor of this my last will and testament Willm Draper my brother, Also I will and declare that my brother Willm Draper shall have and take the proffitts occupacon and possession of my Ferme of Alfarthing in the parisshe of Wandesworth for and during the terme of xxxvj yeres if ye so longe lyve. I will and give the same lease and terme in the mannor of Alfarthyng and all the yssues and proffitts therof comyng after the death of the said Willm Draper if anye of the terme then remayne unto the heyres males of the bodie of the said Willm Draper laufullie begotten. provided and my my will is that if it fortune the saide Willm Draper to die before that he have anye issue male wch shalbe of the fulle age of xxi yeres, then I will that my brother Mathie Draper if he be then lyving shall take the profitts and have the possession of all the said ferme and the landes therto belonging untill the same heyre or issue male shall accopliisshe the said age of xxi yeres, to the use and behofe of the said issue and heyres male. provided and my will is that if the saide Willm Draper decease wtout issue male of his bodie laufully begotten then I will the said terme and lease of Alfarthing shalbe and remayne to my brother Mathie and his assignes During the hole terme therfor to come: and as to the devisinge willing distributing and disposing of my landes rents and hereditaments whatsoever they be I do make ordeyne and declare this my last will and testament in maner and forme following. And first I will and devise unto Bridget my wife all my lands tent’s medowes pastures meddes and underwoodes Rents ren’cons and hereditaments wt thapp[ur]rtenances, lyinge in the p[ar]ishes of Lambeth Newington Saincte George in Southwerks and Depford in the counties of Surrey and Kente one tente wherein one Jone Harte widowe nowe inhabiteth and dwelleth in water Lambeth onelie excepte and reserved unto Bridget my wife during her life: . I will also and devise unto Bridget my wife all that Close of medowe and pasture called Copelease lying in the p[ar]isshe of Cam’well in the countie of Surrey to have and to holde all the said landes rents medowes pastures woddes underwoddes and other hereditaments, so longe and after her decease I will and bequeath all the saide landes tent’s and hereditiaments medowes pastures woodes underwoddes Rentes revercons and other herediatments wt ther appurtenances unto my brother Willm Drap[er] his heyres and assignes for ever. Further I will that yf anye ambiguitie or double wyse in my will or about anye clause in my will or if ther lacke wordes in my will whyche shoulde make things to passe accordinge to my meanynge is that Mr Robert Keytowaye of the Temple and my brother John Bowyar shall explayn and supply the same place accordinge to ther Discretions and accordinge to my trust putt in them. wytnesses John Byer and Elizabeth his wife John Cole and Anne his wife with others.

    [Proved 17 Dec 1558]