Person:Hagar (Enslaved) (1)

Hagar (Enslaved)
d.Before August 14, 1869
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Hagar (Enslaved)
Gender Female
Death[1] Before August 14, 1869


Hagar: Biographical Information

Adam and Hagar were the parents of Friday Johnson and Violet Washington, who may have ties to Drayton family plantations in Charleston, South Carolina.

We do not as yet know if Adam and Hagar were enslaved on Drayton family plantations, or who their last slaveholders were.

Violet Washington, age 32, opened a Freedmen's Bank account in Charleston, South Carolina on August 14, 1869. On her application, she stated that she was born in Georgetown County, South Carolina. In her application, Violet stated that her parents were Adam and Hagar (both deceased), her brothers were Friday Johnson and Peter Gilliard, and her sisters were Maria, Fanny and Diana (all deceased).

Violet's husband was Stephen Washington. They lived on Green Street near Dr. Bellinger and had no children in 1869. Violet was a seller in the Lower Market.

Violet's brother Friday Johnson opened a Freedmen's Bank account on October 4 1871. The family information on his application agrees with that on Violet's account record: their parents were Adam and Hagar, they were born in Georgetown County, South Carolina. Friday names his brother Peter in his account record but lists him as deceased in 1871.

This family is of interest to us for our Drayton family research for several reasons:

1. A Patsey Johnson accompanied her cousin Ellen Wilson when Ellen opened her Freedmen's Bank account. Ellen was born and raised on Drayton Hall Plantation, Ashley River.

2. Bowens/Johnson descendants recognize Violet Washington as a family member although they are not sure exactly where she fits into their family line.

3. As we shall develop as we add records for this family, in the decades following the making of these two Freedmen's Bank records, Violet Washington, sister of Friday Johnson Person:Friday Johnson (3) continued to be closely associated with the Friday Johnson who fits directly into the central Bowens/Johnson lineage Person:Friday Johnson (1). Are the two Friday Johnsons related to one another? Are they the same person? The answer awaits further research.

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