Person:George Woodward (11)

Facts and Events
Name George M. Woodward
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1838 Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation[1] Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United Statesattorney
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    The only courts remaining to be mentioned are the
    Police and District Courts. .The only Police Courtis
    that in Fitchburg, of which Thornton K. Ware is
    justice, and David H. Merriam and Charles !S. Hayden
    are the special justices. The Police Court of Worces-
    ter, of which Will. N. Green was justice, no longer
    exists. There are seven District Courts. The First
    Northern Worcester Court is held at Athol and Gard-
    ner, and has jurisdiction in Athol, Gardner, Peters-
    ham, Phillipston, Royalston, Templeton and Hub-
    bardston. Its officers are Charles Field, justice;
    James A. Stiles and Sidney P. Smith, special justices.
    The First Southern is held at Southbridge and Web-
    ster, and has jurisdiction in Southbridge, Sturbridge,
    Charlton, Dudley, Oxford and Webster. Its officers

    are Clark Jillson, justice ; Henry T. Clark and Eli.sha
    M. Phillips, special justices. The Second Southern
    Worcester is held at Jilackstone and Uxbridge and
    has jurisdiction in Blackstonc, Uxbridge, Douglas and
    Northbridge. Its officers are Arthur A. Putnam, jus-
    tice; Zadoc A. Taft, and William J. Taft special jus-
    tices. Tbe Third Southern Worcester is held at Mil-
    ford, and has jurisdiction in Milford, Mendon and
    Upton. Its officers are Charles A. Dewey, justice, and
    James R. Davis and Charles E. Whitney, special jus-
    tices. The First Eastern Worcester is held at West-
    borough and Grafton, and has jurisdiction in West-
    borough, Grafton, Norihborough and Southborough.
    Its officers are Dexter Newton, justice, and Benjamin

    B. Nourse and Luther K. Leiand, special justices.
    The Second Eastern Worcester is held at Clinton, and
    has jurisdiction in Clinton, Berlin, Bolton, Harvard,
    Luncaster and Sterling. Its officers are Christopher

    C. Stone, justice, and Herbert Parker, special justice.
    The Central Worcester is held at Worcester, and has
    jurisdiction in Worcester, Millbury, Sutton, Auburn,
    Leicester, Paxton, West Boylston, Boylston, Holden
    and Shrewsbury. Its officers are Samuel Uiley, jus-
    tice ; George M. Woodward and HoUis W. Cobb,
    special justices, and Edward T. Raymond, clerk.
    [bench and bar members]
    George M. Woodward, born in Worcester, 1838;
    admitted 18H0; practised in Worcester.