Person:George Murray (29)

  1. George Murray3 - 1947
  1. Kate Murray1885 -
  2. Hannah Murray1889 - 1959
  3. Gerty Murray1893 -
  4. Nelly Murray1895 -
  5. Eva Murray1898 -
  6. Sylvia Murray1900 -
Facts and Events
Name George Murray
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1863 Q3 Dewsbury, West Riding of Yorkshire, England
Census[5] 1881 Mexborough, West Riding of Yorkshire, EnglandBoarder with Gleaden family at 13 Albert Terrace
Occupation[5] 1881 Mexborough, West Riding of Yorkshire, EnglandLab Glassworks
Occupation[3] 1891 MexboroughCoal Miner
Census 1891 Mexborough, West Riding of Yorkshire, EnglandKirby Street
with Ellen _____
Occupation[4] 1901 Mexborough, West Riding of Yorkshire, EnglandCoal Miner Hewer
Census 1901 Mexborough, West Riding of Yorkshire, England14 Kirby St
with Ellen _____
Death[1] 1947 Doncaster (metropolitan borough), South Yorkshire, EnglandAge 83

George's father was a glassblower, George boarded with a Mr Gleadon who was a glassblower and was a labourer at the glassworks. This may have been at the Kilner factories - there was a Kilner brothers glassworks in Thornhill Lees and also one in Conisbrough, very near Mexborough.

See kilner jar on wikipedia.

See also who do you think you are episode with Jeremny Clarkson for more on the kilner glass history.

Quotes from the Salvation Army article on the Murray's on the Murray's diamond wedding (see photo for full transcrupt):

"His mother died when he was quite young and after her death he often used to sit on the doorstep of the public house waiting for his father to take him to their lodgings. When his father died he was left to fend for himself at eleven years of age."

"He followed The Salvation Army during the Sheffield riots and soon after was converted. He remembers the time when “War Cry’s” were heard in the public houses in Mexborough, and when marching down Garden Street the Salvationists were pelted with cabbage and other refuse. "

"The Bandmaster was first attracted to his wife when she volunteered to play the drum on the march in Doncaster when they went from Mexborough to hold some Meetings, during a rough period for the Salvationists. Mrs Murray, when converted in the early days at Mexborough promptly took all the flowers and feathers out of her hats and soon word got out."

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  1. England & Wales deaths 1837-2007
    2B/364, 1864 Q3.

    Birth year given as 1864

  2. England & Wales births 1837-2006
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    Henry Gleaden, Head, Age 38, b1843, Occupation Glassblower Bottle, birth town transcribed OCTAR (Octon?)
    Ann Gleaden, Wife, Age 36, b1845 West Melton, Yorkshire
    Sarah Gleaden, Daughter, Age 11, Scholar, b1870 CONISBORO, Yorkshire
    George Murray, Boarder, Single, Age 18, Occupation Lab Glassworks, b1863 THORNEY LEES, Yorkshire