Person:George Munday (3)

George Hill Munday
b.17 Oct 1836
d.16 Mar 1862 Jamaica
m. 1 Dec 1835
  1. George Hill Munday1836 - 1862
  2. Captain James William Munday1838 - 1875
  3. Mary Elizabeth Munday1840 - 1849
  4. Anna Maria Munday1841 - 1895
  5. Sarah Adeline Munday1843 - 1924
  6. John Hill Munday1844 - 1918
  7. Thomas Hill Munday1846 - 1862
  8. Walter Edward Munday1847 - 1932
  9. Nelson Munday1848 - 1886
  10. Louisa Fry Munday1851 - 1881
Facts and Events
Name George Hill Munday
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 17 Oct 1836
Living[4] 29 Jun 1852 Jamaica
Death[1][2] 16 Mar 1862 JamaicaFall from a horse

George died after a fall from a horse in Jamaica (S3 and N2)

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  3.   Original letter held by family member.
  4. "29 June 1852 George Munday got to Jamaica after a short passage of 5 weeks" (note in family papers)
  5.   Letter from John Hill Munday to his sister Anna:
    Cheddar April 14th 1862

    In haste. Uncle has called me away 3 or 4 times since I began.

    My dearest Anna,
    I am sorry to be the bearer of very melancholy sad intelligence. Poor George is no more! The Jamaica Mail brought the sad intelligence this morning. Uncle received a letter from Mr. Kitc?son this morning stating that poor George was out riding on the 9th Mar. last with Walter Thorn, & another young man. It was rather late and they were riding a hard canter but not galloping, when as they were turning a corner, Geo's horse stepped on a flat stone and slipped down, George falling with him, Mr. Thorn instantly got off an lifted him up and saw blood coming from his nose & mouth he laid his head on his knee and sent the other young man for some water & put a hankerchief to his nose to catch the blood. The young man soon came back & said he could not get any water, the hankerchief was then completely saturated with blood. He then sent him to another house where he succeeded in obtaining some & brought several people to their assistance. They then sent for the Dr. who came as quickly as possible and immediately pronounced the case to be fatal.
    The poor fellow never spoke after it happened & was quite senseless. You may imagine how shocked and grieved we all are. It has quite upset me.
    How little did I think when spending such a happy day with you yesterday that I should be plunged into such sorrow toda but we must try to bear it & hope to meet him again where we shall never part. I sincerely hope that he was prepared to die. It was just 3 weeks after Wm. Parsons funeral. His prospects were just brightening & everything seemed prosperous & well with him but God saw best to take him & we must not repine. I expect Mother heard the sad news from Walter Thorn & Hy. Parson this morning & you will no doubt hear from her. I have told you all the particulars I know.
    Aunt Maria sends her love to you & to say that she has heard from Mrs. Simmons about your going there at Easter & thinks that you had better accept it as the change will do you good.
    I got home all right last night within a minute of my time.
    S?nip Fry & Loui desire their kind love & accept the same -
    from your ever affect.dt Brother