Person:George Milliken (1)

George Milliken
b.est. 1758 Virginia
m. abt 1745
  1. Charles Millikenabt 1745 -
  2. James Millikenabt 1747 -
  3. George Millikenest 1758 -
  4. Robert Milliken1760 - bef 1813
  5. Quinton Millikenabt 1767 - 1816
  6. Jenny Millikenabt 1769 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] George Milliken
Gender Male
Birth[1] est. 1758 Virginia

Information on George Milliken

George Milliken - (1), son of Charles (1), b. in Virginia, was carried by his parents to Orange Co., N. C, when young ; m. Agness West,* who was b. May 26, 1762, in Louisa Co., Va., and is said to have settled first in Buncombe Co., N. C. He removed to Guilford Co., near Guilford C. H., N. C, where he remained until their removal to Logan Co., Ky., in 1804 or 1805. The records show that he acquired by purchase from Jesse McComb in 1809, one hundred seventy-three acres of land on Red River. He made his will in Logan Co., Ky., Dec. i, 1812, which was probated May 17, 1813. He devised for life unto his wife Agness his plantation to be transmitted after her death to his son George Milliken, Jr.

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