Person:George Kempton (2)

George Kempton
d.bef 12 May 1606
m. 11 Jun 1589
  1. Manasseh Kempton1589/90 - 1662/3
  2. Ephraim Kempton1591 - bef 1645
  3. Francis Kempton1593 -
  4. Annis Kempton1595 -
  • HGeorge Kempton - bef 1606
  1. William Kemptonest 1585 - 1594
Facts and Events
Name George Kempton
Gender Male
Marriage 11 Jun 1589 St. Botolph Bishopsgate, London, Englandto Mary Jersey
Death[1] bef 12 May 1606
  1. Smith, Dean Crawford, and Melinde Lutz Sanborn. The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton 1878-1908. (Boston, Massachusetts: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1996-2008), 1:63.

    '... died probably Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland before 12 May 1606 ...'
    'Ephraim Kimpton, son of George Kimpton late of town of Barwick gent. deceased put himself appr. ... given the 12th day of May 1606 ...'
    'The registers of the parish of Berwick-upon-Tweed do not reveal a date of burial for George or Mary Kempton, nor has any probate or administration been found for him in any of the courts most likely to have received it ...'

    Note: The death date of 21 Jul 1622 in Berwick-upon-Tweed given by a few compilers (without citation) appears to be spurious.

  2.   Smith, Dean Crawford, and Melinde Lutz Sanborn. The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton 1878-1908. (Boston, Massachusetts: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1996-2008), 1:63-65, 49, 21-22 .

    p. 63: 'GEORGE KEMPTON, gentleman, born perhaps about 1558; ...'
    p. 64: 'Neil D. Thompson, F.A.S.G., has suggested that the most likely candidate for the father of George would be the William Kympton of Chiffield, Graveley parish, Hertfordshire, gent., whose [1568] will ... devised to his second son George Kympton his house and lands at Datchworth ... [and] withheld actual possession .. for ten years (until 1578), implying the second son George was about ten years from his majority. ... [In] 1584 a George Kympton sold freehold lands in Datchworth ... and he may well have left Datchworth at this time. However, the limited surviving manorial records do not show whether William of Chiffield's second son actually entered upon his inheritance, and it is possible that this George Kympton was someone else.'
    pp. 64-65: 'The Graveley registers are incomplete for the earlier period, but the Datchworth registers do not show any activity for George at this time.'
    p. 64: 'George Kempton was not, as sometimes suggested, the son of Edward Kempton or his brother, George [grandsons of William Kympton of Weston] (TAG 67:132-5).'

    Other information presented in this source (including information that directly contradicts the statement quoted from pages 64-65) weakens the argument for George Kempton of Berwick-upon-Tweed being the son of William Kympton of Chiffield. The abstract of William of Chiffield's will (p. 49) indicates that William's son George was given both freehold and copyhold lands in Datchworth, and there is no indication that he divested himself of the copyhold land. Also, there was a George Kympton at Datchworth during the same time that George Kempton was in Berwick-upon-Tweed. He was married in 1588 (p. 22) and fathered children from 1589 to 1604 (pp. 21-22). He may have died during the 1603-1627 gap in the parish register, or he may be the George Kympton who was buried in Datchworth in 1635 (p. 22). The other Kympton family listed in Datchworth, that of Edmund Kympton and his siblings, accounts for the other Datchworth baptisms - children of John, Richard and Thomas, brothers mentioned in Edmund's 1564 will (p. 49) - but Edmund's will does not mention a brother George. In short, there is no particular reason to suggest that William of Chiffield's son George moved to Berwick-upon-Tweed, while another George of about the same age stayed in Datchworth (assuming that the extracts from the Datchworth parish register presented on pages 21-22 are accurate, and not the statement on pages 64-65). This also suggests that the birth year of George of Berwick-upon-Tweed should not be estimated based on William of Chiffield's will - although 1555 to 1560 is as good an estimate as any for the birth year of George of Berwick-upon-Tweed. As an aside, it should be noted that a better estimate for the birth year of George, son of William of Chiffield, would be 1551 or earlier. According to the abstract of William of Chiffield's will (p. 49), William gave house(s) and land to two sons - George and Thomas - both to be withheld for 10 years. He also mentions sons Edward and Richard, both to be given inheritances when they turned 21. Edward and Richard were baptized in 1556 and 1558 respectively (p. 23), so George and Thomas must have been born before then. A daughter Elizabeth was baptized in 1555 (p. 23), which is the first Kympton baptism given in the Graveley register. Therefore, assuming that George was older than Thomas and a 2-year gap between children, George (son of William of Chiffield) was born no later than 1551. Since there were also 3 other daughters mentioned in the will (besides Elizabeth), none yet married, George (son of William of Chiffield) was likely born earlier than 1551. On another note: This source makes it clear that no baptismal record has been found for George Kempton, in Berwick-upon-Tweed or elsewhere. The birth/baptismal date of 29 Sep 1560 in Berwick-upon-Tweed given by a few compilers (without citation) appears to be spurious, as does the 4 Aug 1585 Berwick-upon-Tweed marriage to an Annis Pesarette.