Person:George Gyger (1)

m. 8 Mar 1738/39
  1. Frederick Geiger
  2. John Jacob Gyger1739 -
  3. Ursula Elizabeth Geiger1741 - Aft 1780
  4. Maria Margaretha Geiger1742 - Aft 1779
  5. Christian George Geiger1743/44 -
  6. Anna Maria GeigerAbt 1746 - Aft 1779
  7. George Johann Gyger1748 - 1826
  8. Christina Gyger1750 -
m. 1774
  1. Jacob Geiger - Bef 1821
  2. Johannes(John) Gyger1777 - 1826
  3. Catherine Gyger1779 -
  4. George GeigerAbt 1780 - 1830
  5. Susannah Gyger1781 -
  • HGeorge Johann Gyger1748 - 1826
  • WAnna Creek1765 - 1837
m. 7 Jan 1793
  1. Susannah Gyger1795 - 1859
  2. Mary Gyger1797 -
  3. Henry Gyger1799 - 1844
  4. Benjamin Gyger1803 -
  5. Anna Gyger1807 - 1844
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] George Johann Gyger
Gender Male
Birth[3][4] 2 Jun 1748 Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Baptism[11][12] 10 Jul 1748 Birth and baptismal records are recorded in early Pennsylvania German Church records. At Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster Co., PA
Marriage 1774 Lancaster County, Pennsylvaniato Barbara Klein
Other[13] May 1779 George inherited land (119 acres) from his father Christian
Other[14] Jan 1783 He sold the farm in Manheim Twp., Lancaster Co., PA which he inherited from his father. He then left Pennsylvania
Other[15] 21 Jul 1783 Sold land in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in January 1783. The land was sold to John Huber and was witnessed by Johannes Bauman.
Marriage 7 Jan 1793 Shenandoah County, Virginiato Anna Creek
Death[5][6] 1826 Jefferson County, Tennessee
Other[7] After marriage, moved to Hampshire Co., VA which then was Frederick Co.
Other[8] Name appears as George Johann Giger born June 2, 1748
Other[9] Name appears as Johan George born June 2, 1748
Other[10] Official name George Johann, birth records show simply John

This from the book "The Gigers":

In 1778 George Giger of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania was listed on the muster roll relating to the Associators and Militia of Lancaster County. (Source: Pennsylvania Archives Fifth Series Volume VII)

In another land transaction in January 1783 George bought 250 acres of land in Shenandoah County, Virginia. This land was purchased from Christian Bowman for 450 pounds. Full payment was made in April 1783. Witnesses were John Bowman (brother-in-law of George), George Huber and John Huber. Barbara Geiger's name was not on this deed and no further record of her has been found. The deed was recorded in Shenandoah County, Virginia on May 29, 1783.

In the Jefferson County, Tennessee settlement the Indian threat still existed. The last massacre of settlers had occurred in 1792 when three people were killed. The area was a vast wilderness teeming with wild game and inhabited by Cherokee Indians. George and Anna Giger joined other settlers in an area south of the French Broad River and helped establish the first three quarters of thier land to the trustees of the Pine Chapel Methodist Church in 1815. According to local historians, the church, school and cemetery were the first public institutions in the area and were probably initially established about 1787. The land located south of the French Broad River had been purchased by George Giger in 1807 from the State of Tennessee. The land deed for the church, school and cemetery was recorded in 1815 some years after it had been in use by the settlers. The three people massacred by Indians in 1792 were buried in the cemetery. They are a Miss Lewis and her small brother and George Cunningham, a member of a posse who was shot from ambush. The deed states that the land was transferred to the trustees for the sum of $2.00 for the purpose of a place of worship for the Methodist Episcopal Church. Trustees mentioned in the deed were George Turnley, William Nelson, Frederick Lickliter, Jacob Denton and Jeffree Moore. One of the witnesses was Jacob Giger, a son of George.

In 1810 there is a listing for a George Geiger in Jefferson County, Kentucky that could fit and Gail seems to think is him.

Debbie Turner has that he passed away in Dec. 1826

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