Person:George Baxter (12)

George Baxter
Facts and Events
Name George Baxter
Gender Male

From Source:Bergen, 1881:23-24

BAXTER, GEORGE, m. Alice . Was English Secretary of N. N. in 1642 and '47, in which latter year he was appointed ensign, as per p. 1n of Cal. of Dutch Man. July 6, 1643, he obtained a patent for 25 morgens " in the rear of Dirck the Norman (Williamsburgh, L. I.)," as per p. 367 of said Cal. Was among the early settlers of G'1 and allotted a plantation-lot there in 1646, of which place he was a mag. in 1650, '51, and '53. Jan. 21, 1647, he and his associates obtained a patent for Canarisie, L. I., on condition of settling 20 families there within 3 years, as per p. 372 of CaL of Dutch Man., which failed. Styled Lieut, pn Gov. Kieft's patent of Gd of 1647. His East River plantation he probably sold; for May 15, 1647, it was patented toJohn Forbus with other lands, as per p. 375 of said Cal From the following entry on the Gd rec. he appears at one period to have owned what is known as Pennoyer's patent — Nov. 1, 1665, George Baxter sold to John Tilton of Gd " a piece of land purchased of Robert Penyer, as also further confirmed unto me by Monr Pieter Stuyvesant, late Governour," etc. In 1655 he raised the standard of rebellion in Gd against the government, which failed, was imprisoned, absconded, and finally removed to Nevis in the West Indies. Signed his name " Geo. Baxter." Thomas of Gd (probably a s. of George), m. July 1678 Ann or Annatie Stillwell. A Thomas Baxter was accused of piracy Nov. 24, 1653, as per p. 142 of Vol. V. of Dutch Man. But this was probably another person. Bought Jan. 14, 1652, of his father a house and plantation in Gd, which he sold May 14, 1652, to Wm Halliott or Hallet. Signed his name " Thomas Backster."