Person:Frederick Warren (2)

Frederick Parsons Warren
m. 4 Mar 1833
  1. Charles Henry Warren1836 - 1859
  2. Frederick Parsons Warren1839 - 1875
  3. Albert Larue Warren1842 -
  4. Edward Kirk Warren1847 - 1919
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Frederick Parsons Warren
Gender Male
Birth[3] 30 Mar 1839 Trumbull, Fairfield County, Connecticutt
Death[4][5] 9 Apr 1875 Three Oaks, Berrien County, Michigan

Frederrick P. Warren was the editor of the Reveille, Three Oaks first newspaper. The Reveille was a unique newspaper in several ways. It was first a single sheet measuring nine by twelve inches, but grew, after a few issues, into four pages of this same size. It was printed a page at a time on a Lowe press, the printer furnishing the motive power by operating a treadle with his foot while he fed the press. It was in editorial content that the Reveille was truly exceptional. Three Oaks has since had a considerable number of newspaper and editors, and it is safe to say that none have equaled the originality and freshness of style shown in the writings of Fred Warren.

 Warren carried on an earnest campaign for numerous improvements in the town, and devoted considerable space to urging of new industries, such as a cheese factory, which would be of prime benefit to the farmers of the region. The merchants made generous use of his columns to advertise their wares, so that practically every issue of the Reveille was at least fifty perc ent advertising. Fred Warren also operated a jewelry store and a watch repair shop, and a photograph studio. He found time, besides, to work out a number of ingenious mechanical devices among which was the "calculating engine," that would add, subtract, multiply and divide. This machine has since attracted national attention and has been pronounced at least thirty years ahead of any similar development. Unfortunately, Mr. Warren died in April of 1875, at the age of thirty-six years, and the invention remained undeveloped, no one at the time being able to fully understand the strange machine, and perfect and market it.
 The Reveille, though a success in every way, was short lived. Its publication was suspended on February 22, 1873, when Mr. Warren was forced to his bed by illness from which he never recovered.
  There was much sickness at this time, due to a severe epidemic of what was termed malaria, although opinions have sinced been voiced that it may have been influenza. It was a winter of many deaths, so many in fact, that the state census of 1874 revealed fewer people in the township than in 1870, despite the steady growth that had taken place in the number of farms and village homes. During this same time the entire region felt the effects of sickness among horses, which points very definitely to having been a type of influenza. Source: The Region of Three Oaks, by Robert Burgh, published by The Edward K. Warren Foundation, printed by Plimpton Press, LaPorte Ind., 1939, pgs. 147-149.

Warren, Frederick P Date of death: 9 APR 1875 Ledger Page: 74 Record Number: 119 Place of death: Three Oaks County of death: Berrien Sex: Male Race: White Marital Status: Single Age: 36 years Cause of death: Hemmorage Birthplace: Connecticut Occupation: Mechanic Father's Name: Warren, Waters Father's Residence: Three Oaks Mother's Name: Warren, Caroline Mother's Residence: Three Oaks Date of Record: 1 SEP 1876 Source: Genealogical Death Indexing System (GEHDIS), Michigan Department of Community Health

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