Person:Enos Benthall (1)

Facts and Events
Gender Male

I Enos Benthall of Sumner County and State of Tennessee being inperfect sound of mind, body and memory . . . followingdistribution of the __? portion of worldly goods which thesupreme Lord of all has been pleased to bestow upon me.

Whatever property I am or maybe entitled to at the death of mybrother(?) Grand Mother Mary Lassister I bequeath to my threebrothers Willis Benthall, Daniel Benthall, and Laban Benthalland all moneys due me for services to my county and all money'sotherwise due me I bequeath to my three brothers above named tobe equally divided between them - my saddle bridle and all myclothing, I give separately to my brother Willis Benthall, to befor his use and benefit. Lastly I do disclaim all former willsand _ this to be my last will and testament. Signed and sealedon this 24 day of March Eighteen hundred and sixteen - inpresence of - further I hereby appoint Captain James Vinson tobe my Executor to _ this my last will and Testament. Enos Benthall Signed in presence of Enos Vinson James Hamilton

State of Tennessee Sumner County Ccourt March? or May? Term 1816 The last will and testament was produced in Open Court forprobate...