Person:Emma Urswick (1)

Emma Urswick
Facts and Events
Name[1] Emma Urswick
Gender Female
Marriage to Henry Auger
  1. Urwick, Thomas A. Records of the family of Urswyk, Urswick, or Urwick. (St. Albans: Printed for private circulation by Gibbs & Bamforth, the St. Albans Press, 1893)
    page 42, 1893.

    "At the time we have been speaking with respect to Sir Thomas of Badworth, there was a daughter of one of these families of whose parentage we can gain no knowledge, her father's Christian name being lost; but we have a record that "Emma de Urswyck" married in the reign of Henry the 5th (or thereabouts; at all events, not earlier) a Mr. Ancher, of a Kentish family; and this Emma Urswick bore, either by grant or assumption (instead of her old paternal shield) the arms of Crisp of Thanet, viz., "Ermine, a fess checky, argent and sable." We are led to suppose that she was probably an orphan, and an adopted daughter of Squire Crisp of Thanet, that Mr. Ancher was a kinsman of Mr. Crisp, and the latter having no heirs, excepting his adopted daughter "Emma de Urswick," the family shield became attached to her dower. Mr. Ancher and his wife Emma had issue one daughter, who married a Mr. Draper; they had a son Thomas Draper, of Flintham, Nottinghamshire, whose grandson was Sir Christopher Draper, a member of the Ironmonger's Company and Lord Mayor of London in 1567. This Sir Christopher Draper bore on his escutcheon two shields of arms for Draper, one for Ancher, and one, viz., the arms already described, for Urswick...."