Person:Elmer Henderson (2)

Elmer O. Henderson
b.ABT 1862 IL, US
m. 04 MAR 1850
  1. Harvey Reginald Henderson1850 - 1940
  2. Franklin E. Henderson1853 -
  3. May Henderson1854 -
  4. Alfonzo HendersonABT 1856 -
  5. Bainbridge P. Henderson1858 -
  6. Elmer O. HendersonABT 1862 -
  • HElmer O. HendersonABT 1862 -
  • WAnna M.1868 -
m. ABT 1887
  1. Donald C. or I. Henderson1888 -
  2. Mary L. Henderson1891 -
  3. Mona A. Henderson1892 -
  4. Helen T. Henderson1894 -
  5. Ethel M. Henderson1896 -
  6. Fern A. Henderson1897 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Elmer O. Henderson
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1862 IL, US
Reference Number? 5656
Marriage ABT 1887 Dickinson, IA, USto Anna M.
Census 1900 Dickinson, IA, USwith Anna M.
Occupation[3] 1910 Houston, TN, USboth are steamboat engineers.
Census 1910 Houston, TN, USwith Anna M.
Census 1930 Brookport, Massac, IL, USwith Anna M.


"The first steamer on the lake was the old "Favorite." She was a small, strongly built steam launch with a carrying capacity for about thirty passengers. She was built on the Cedar River and was run there for a time, after which she was shipped by rail to Varharren of Spencer, and he loaded her aboard a pair of trucks and sent her up to Okoboji and turned her over to John Hackett, who was to fit her up and run for passengers between Arnold's Park and Spirit Lake. E. O. Henderson, of Okoboji, was employed as engineer. After overhauling her and readjusting her machinery they soon had her ready for business. At the time of her first trip the Murphy temperance meetings were being conducted in the M. E. Church in town, and it was during the progress of one of these meetings that the outside stillness was broken by the clear, sharp notes of a steam whistle ringing out on the evening air. It was the first steam whistle ever heard in Dickinson County. The astonished audience were taken completely by surprise but few if any of them having heard of the fitting up of the steamer. The result was that every boy in the crowd made a straight shoot for the door and the boat landing, leaving Mr. Murphy with a somewhat diminished audience. The Favorite was the only steamer on the lakes for two years or more."

There are several more anecdotes and tidbits in this history mentioning the maritime exploits of the Hendersons on Lake Okoboji.

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