Person:Elizabeth Deming (1)

Elizabeth Deming
b.bef 1598
  1. Elizabeth Demingbef 1598 - bet 1682
  2. John Demingbef 1614 - bef 1705
m. bef 1618
  1. Elizabeth Foote1617/18 - 1700
  2. Nathaniel Foote, Jr1619/20 - abt 1655
  3. Mary Footeest 1622 - aft 1685
  4. Lieutenant Robert Footeest 1627 - 1681
  5. Frances Footeabt 1629 - aft 1678
  6. Sarah Footeabt 1632 - 1673
  7. Rebecca Footeabt 1634 - 1701
m. abt 1645
Facts and Events
Name[5][6] Elizabeth Deming
Alt Name[5] Elizabeth Unknown
Gender Female
Birth[3] bef 1598 Based on estimated date of marriage.
Marriage bef 1618 to Nathaniel Foote, Sr
Marriage abt 1645 to Governor Thomas Welles
Will[2][3] 28 Mar 1678 Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesProved on an unknown date.
Death[3] bet 16 Aug 1682 and 3 Sep 1683 Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesBetween date of codicil and date of inventory.
Will[3] 16 Aug 1682 Codicil
Alt Death[4] 28 Jul 1683 Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
  1.   Goodwin, Nathaniel. The Foote family, or, The descendants of Nathaniel Foote, one of the first settlers of Wethersfield, Conn: with genealogical notes of Pasco Foote, who settled in Salem, Mass., and John Foote and others of the name, who settled more recently in New York. (Hartford, CT: Press of Case, Tiffany and Company, 1849), pp 5-47.
  2. Manwaring, Charles W. A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records. (Hartford, Conn.: R. S. Peck & Co., 1904-06), 1:379-81.

    Page 158-9 Name: Mrs. Elizabeth Welles Location: Wethersfield
    Invt. £328-12-06. Taken 3d September, 1683, by Samuel Talcott, James Treat, Samuel Butler. Will dated 28 March, 1678.
    My Estate I dispose of as followeth: I will that all those debts I ow in right or conscience to any man or men be well & Truly contented & payd out of my Estate in the first place. My fourteen acres of Land in the great meadow & Thirty acres in the West field I give unto my son Robert foote & to his heirs forever, prohibiting him the sale of the same, he paying for these Lands forty five pounds, to be payd: to the Children of my Daughter Sarah Judson Deceased, Nine pounds; & to my foure daughters, viz, my daughter Churchill, my daughter Goodrich, my Daughter Barnard, & my Daughter Smith, to each of them Nine pounds a piece. I give vnto my son Nathaniel Foote, eldest son, & his Brother, Eleven pounds; & to their children: To Daniel forty shillings, & To Elizabeth fower pownds, which Legacies, both the eleven pownd, forty shillings, & fower pounds, shall be payd out of The money Nathaniel Graves owes Me By Bill. I give & bequeath unto my Grand son John Studder halfe my Great Lott which Lyes at the further Bownds of the Towne, & the other halfe of the sayd Lott I give vnto my grand sons Joseph & Benjamin Churchill & their heirs forever. The remainder of my Estate (when a Legacie is pd. to my overseers out of it) shall be divided into five parts; one part I give to my daughter Judson's Children, to be to them & their heirs forever; & to my daughter Churchill & her children one fifth part, & to my daughter Goodrich & the children one-fifth part, & to my daughter Barnard and her children one-fifth part, & to my daughter Smith & her Children one fifth part. It is my will that what I give my fouer daughters shall be wholly at their dispose, to dispose among their children as they see good. I do nominate & appoynt my wel beloved Captain John Allin to be Executor; & my beloved Brother Mr John Deming sen. & my Grand sonn Henry Buck to be the desired overseers of this my will; & as a token of my respect to them I give them thirty shillings a piece out of my Estate; & for the confirmation of the premises I have hereunto set my hand this 28 day of March, 1678.
    Memorandum: It is my will that the nine pownds apiece I give my foure daughters' heirs, & the fifth part of my Estate I give them, shall be divided among the children of each of them, the one halfe of it imediately after my decease.
    Elizabeth X Wells.
    This signed & declared by Mrs. Elizabeth Welles in presence of us:
    Joseph Rowlandson, John Deming.
    Memorandum: I give to my grand son Nathll ffoott, the Eldest son of my sonn Nathll, the one halfe of my fourteen acres of meadow, & one halfe of my thirty acres of upland lying in the West field, wth liberty of takeing the first choice, he paying one halfe of the Legacys wch were to be paid my sonn Robt had he lived to possess ye sd. Land. My will is that that part of ye eleven pounds wch I formerly willed to sd. Nathaniel, grand son, & his Brother, wch belonged to him by will, shall be equally distributed between my four daughters above mentioned. And for the confirmation of the prmisis I have hereunto set my hand this 16th day of August, 1682. Memorandum: All rents of Land due to me I will to be divided equally amongst my fower formentioned daughters and their heirs.
    Elizabeth X Wells.
    Witnessed by us: Samuel Talcott, John Deming.
    Mrs. Elizabeth Welles's Will, 1683:
    Dist. of Estate on the reverse side of the paper as follows:
    £ s d
    To Samll Foote 5-10-00
    To Elizabeth ffoote. 4-00-00
    To Lift. Smith 1-07-06
    To ffrancis Barnard 1-07-06
    To Josiah Churchill 1-07-06
    To Lift. Tracy 1-07-06
    To Danll ffoott 2-00-00

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    MARRIAGE: By 1617 Elizabeth, probably Elizabeth Deming, sister of JOHN DEMING [1636, Wethersfield] [TAG 55:23-311]. She married (2) Thomas Welles and died between 16 August 1682 (date of codicil to will) and 3 September 1683 (date of inventory) [Hale, House 778].

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    'Mrs. Welles died July 28, 1683, aged about 88 years. She left a will which was exhibited to and approved by the "Particular Court," August, 1683. ...
    "I, Elizabeth Welles, of Wethersfield, ...'

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  6. 2006-04, msg 1143892360, posted by Pam, in GEN-MEDIEVAL-L Archives (at RootsWeb), online .

    'The only place I saw the parentage listed for Elizabeth Deming was in a privately published genealogy. I traced the so-called sources they gave and none of them listed Elizabeth's parents. Elizabeth's brother, John Deming,
    had a son, Jonathan, who married an Elizabeth Gilbert. Personally I think someone messed up the relationships. As far as I know there has been no proof of parentage for the Demings. I've been trying to trace them for over 20 years.'