Person:Elizabeth Battelly (1)

Elizabeth Battelly
  1. Elizabeth Battelly1668 -
  2. Susan BattellyAft 1668 - 1709
  3. Anne BattellyAft 1668 - 1703
  1. Susan Gibson1696 -
  2. Elizabeth Gibson1698 -
  3. Robert Gibson1700 - Abt 1768
  4. Dr William Gibson1703 - Bef 1768
  5. Mary Gibson1707 - 1707
  6. Sarah Gibson1709 -
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Battelly
Gender Female
Christening[1] 3 Apr 1668 Rumburgh, Suffolk, England
Property[2] 23 Jan 1706 Rumburgh, Suffolk, England
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  2. John Garbutt. Rumburgh Manorial Records
    C69 1706, 23 Jan 1706.

    p[re]sentat ... Battelly, Willus obyt ... Et q[uo]d Gibson, Eliza fil[ia] ejus (modo ux[or] Gibson, Robert) et Gibson, Susanna un al fil[ia] p[re]d[ictus] Willi (modo ux[or] Sherwin, Willi) et Browne, Johes infans fil[ius] sen[ior] Browne, Anne un al fid p[re]d[ictus] (nup[er] ux[or] Browne, Joh[is] sen[ior]) sunt cohered p[re]d[ictus] Battelly, Willi. Et modo [they came to court] ... et petier admitti ... Ad [the property] Que p[re]missa p[re]d[ictus] Battelly, Willus cepit ... 14.03.1658 ... Et admissi sunt ... [in margin:] Fin Liiij p[re]sentat ... p[re]d[ictus] Battelly, Willus qui tennit un Mesuagin at divers terr lib tent p[er] fidelitat at annal redd 7s 4d ob obyt inde seit ... Browne, Johis jun[ior] qui est infa [in margin: Guardian] Browne, Johi patri [until] Vigint et un annos


    Presented ... the late William Battelly ... and Eliza Gibson, his daughter (wife of Robert Gibson) and Susanna Gibson, another daughter of the aforesaid William (wife of Willi Sherwin) and John Browne, infant child of Anne Brown senior, another daughter of the aforementioned (wife of John Browne, senior) are co-heirs of the aforesaid William Batterly. And they came to court to be admitted to the property that the aforesaid William Battely had held ... 14 March 1658 ... and they were admitted. At the end they presented £4 .. the aforesaid William Battelly who held a cottage and various free lands at an annual rent of 7s 4d until his death ... John Browne junior whilst he is a child his guardian is his father, John Browne until he is 21 years old.