Person:Edward Phelps (13)

d.29 JUN 1849 Cincinnati, Ohio
m. 1788
  1. Daughter PHELPSABT 1789 -
  2. Edward PHELPS1791-1793 - 1849
Facts and Events
Name Edward PHELPS
Gender Male
Birth[1][6] 1791-1793 Freehold, Greene Co, New York
Death[2][3][7] 29 JUN 1849 Cincinnati, Ohio
Cause of Death[1] Cholera

Judy Lanoux Smith’s death record data from Cincinnati indicates Edward was b. 1799, but my opinion is that this is off by up to ten years. I may change this back later, but for now I will carry his birthdate as 1790-99.

Fayette County, PA, tax records show an Edward Phelps living there from 1812-1814. For this to be our Edward, he probably would have to have been born ca 1792 in order to have land. The records also show a scratched off entry for Stephen Phelps next to Edward’s entry, in 1813. Perhaps Stephen turned his land over to Edward as he was about to move across the river to Washington County.

The 1810 Pittstown census shows two chldren, ages 16-26, living with Ruth PHELPS. I assume that these would be the two children she would have had with Stephen PHELPS before they split up and he moved to SW Pennsylvania. In that event, Edward would have stayed with his mother. However, the 1812 data about Edward living in Fayette County leads me to believe that his stay with his mother was shortlived, and he eventually joined his father in Brownsville.

Assumption Parish Sucession #304: William L. Phelps petitioned to be custodian for his uncle Edward Phelps, and stated that he had no other heirs. It states that Edward was a resident of Assumption Parish and that he died in Cincinnati, Ohio., ,

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