Person:Edward Leavell (4)

Edward Leavell
m. bef. 1735
  1. Edward Leavell1755 - 1824
m. 1771
  1. Nancy "Sarah" Level1778 - 1838
Facts and Events
Name Edward Leavell
Alt Name Charles Edward Level
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1755 Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Marriage 1771 Virginiato Elizabeth Hayden "Betsy" Hawkins
Death[1] 17 May 1824 Garrard County, Kentucky
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    17. EDWARD LEAVELL (EDWARD, EDWARD, ? LAVELLE) was born Abt. 1755 in Virginia, USA, and died May 17, 1824 in Garrard County, Kentucky, USA. He married ELIZABETH HAWKINS in North Carolina, USA, daughter of NATHAN HAWKINS and CATHERINE HAYDON. She was born Abt. 1752, and died August 02, 1826 in Garrard County, Kentucky, USA.

    Notes for EDWARD LEAVELL:
    Edward settled first in NC, then in Garrard County, Kentucky. He was a Revolutionary War soldier.

    5th. February 1780
    "Between John Gibbs and Judith, his wife, and Edward Leavel. Gibbs selling 164 acre tract in Brumfield Parish to Leavel for 822 pounds, 22 shillings.

    A HISTORY OF THE PIONEER FAMILIES OF MISSOURI, William S. Bryan & Robert Rose, 1876, says: LEAVELL Edward Leavell, of Virginia, married Elizabeth Hawkins, and settled in North Carolina. They afterward removed to Garrard Co. KY, where they both died. Their children were: Benjamin, Joseph, James, John, Edward, Nathan, Mary, Nancy, Elizabeth, Catharine, Sally, and Mildred. Benjamin, Joseph, and John lived in Kentucky. Nathan died in North Carolina. James married Rebecca Stinson, who cut the throat of a mad wolf, that had bitten her father, while he held it. Their children were-Margaret, Elizabeth, Jane, Julia A., William H., James M., Benjamin F., and Edward. Margaret married John Stevens. Elizabeth married Randolph Boone. Jane married Mr. Carnifix. Julia A. married M.B. Snethen. William H. was married three times. James M. died single. Benjamin F. married Sarah Nunnelly, and they had one child, James. Edward married Rhoda Sallee. Mildred, daughter of Edward Leavell Sr., married Nicholas Stephenson, of Kentucky, and is now a widow in her 86th year. Mr. Stephenson and his family started to Missouri in 1813 on horseback but after crossing the Ohio River they purchased a wagon and travelled in that some distance, when the roads became so bad that they could use it no longer. They then sold the wagon and performed the rest of the journey on horseback, arriving in St. Charles co., in 1814, having been on the road one year. Mr. Stephenson settled first in Howell's Prairie, where he built a tanyard, and in 1818 he removed to Montgomery co. He had 2 children, James and Mildred A. THOMAS D. STEPHENSON, a brother of Nicholas, settled in Howell's Prairie, St. Charles co., in 1812, where he married MARY PITMAN. In 1844 he removed to Warren co., where he died. He was county judge and justice of the peace for some time, and was an influential citizen.
    JOHN YANCY LEAVELL, 1817-1910. John Y.'s grandfather, Edward Leavell, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and an early pioneer of Garrard Co. He married Elizabeth Hawkins (daughter of Nathan and Catherine Hawkins) and they raised a family of five sons and four daughters. Their son Benjamin Leavell was born in Virginia in 1772, settled in Garrard County in 1795, and was a farmer and a slave holder. He married Isabella Miller Adams, daughter of Captain William Miller and Nancy Yancy, widow of Alexandria A. Adams. They raised five sons and five daughters. One of their sons, John Yancy Leavell, was born March 21, 1817. John received a liberal education and married Jane Gordon Doty. In his young days he was an old line Whig, but, being a Southern sympathizer, he later became a staunch Democrat. He was both a successful farmer and financier, owning several hundred acres of the best land in upper Garrard. He was also a leading stockman who sent stock South on foot, and was such an extensive dealer that he almost governed the marker in this section.
    ..... John Y. Leavell, one of the most remarkable men of Garrard County was termed "Garrard's Grand Old Man" because both his mental and physical powers were remarkably well preserved. He was able to talk for hours of the many interesting incidents in his long and active career. He could go back and give platforms of every presidential campaign. From a physical standpoint, Mr. Leavell was clearly a scion of pioneer stock with all its vigor, 6 ½ feet tall and weighing over 200 pounds.
    .....John Y. Leavell was one of the organizers of the First National Bank of Lancaster and was its president from 1870 to 1872. He was a commissioner who built the present Garrard County Court House and he was a member that negotiated the extension of the Kentucky Central Railroad (now the Louisville and Nashville) from Rowland to Richmond.
    .....He had the unusual privilege of living to see the seventh generation, remembering his great grandfather as he himself was a great grandfather. The Garrardite was the father of ten children: Benjamin F., Elizabeth Gordon, Azariah, John Y., Belle M., Lewis E., Jane Boyle, Emma Walker, and Mary Doty Leavell. He died in 1910 at the age of 93 and is buried in the Lancaster Cemetery.

    REVOLUTIONARY WAR PENSIONS (from, which requires money)
    Smith, Weden
    Veteran Surname: Smith
    Veteran Given Name: Weden
    State: Virginia
    Service: Continental Va. Residence
    Pension No.: B. L. Wt. 523-100
    Pensioner Surname: [BLANK]
    Pensioner Given Names:[BLANK]
    Additional Names Appearing in This Document:
    Weeden Smith
    Elizabeth Hawkins
    William Miller
    Edward Leavell
    Anne Burnside Brown
    Nathan Hawkins
    A D Hiller
    W H Miller

    .....i.....MARY LEAVELL.
    .....ii.....NATHAN LEAVELL, d. North Carolina, USA.
    .....iii.....JOHN LEAVELL, b. December 13, 1782, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia, USA; d. February 18, 1846, Garrard County, Kentucky, USA; m. (1) POLLY ARNOLD, Garrard County, Kentucky, USA; m. (2) SALLY BLANTON, September 20, 1811, Garrard County, Kentucky, USA; m. (3) MARGARET SLAVIN, January 14, 1823, Lancaster, Garrard, Kentucky, USA; b. November 15, 1795; d. December 09, 1823. John was buried in Old Paint Lick Cemetery in Paint Lick, Garrard County, Kentucky, on the James and John Slavin lot with wife Margaret; she's listed as Margaret Levell. At see photos of their separate tombstones.

    Notes for JOHN LEAVELL:
    Leavel, Jno. ...1-14-1823 ...married Slaven, Margaret...KY, Garrard Co. ...Bond: Jas. Slaven, per GARRARD CO. KY MARRIAGES/MARRIAGES BONDS, 1796-1851, by Raymond Ballard Orrell III, p. 37

    Notes for MARGARET SLAVIN:
    Marriage Bond is filed in Garrard County, KY on Jan 14, 1823 At #1490. Bond is signed by John Leavell and James Slavin. Judging from the length of marriage, may have died in childbirth.

    49.....iv.....JOSEPH LEAVELL, b. February 08, 1774, Spotsylvania County, Virginia; d. June 03, 1872.
    50.....v.....BENJAMIN LEAVELL, b. Abt. 1776, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia, USA; d. January 20, 1860, Paint Lick Station, Garrard, Kentucky, USA. LEAVELL, b. September 24, 1777, Virginia, USA; d. 1831, Chariton County, Missouri, USA.
    52.....vii.....JAMES LEAVELL, b. April 02, 1779, Garrard County, Kentucky, USA; d. October 10, 1856, Loutre, Montgomery, Missouri, USA.
    53.....viii.....ELIZABETH LEAVELL, b. January 11, 1783, Tar River, Granville, North Carolina; d. May 01, 1850, Rockfield, Warren, Kentucky, USA.
    54.....ix.....CATHERINE LEAVELL, b. November 13, 1784, North Carolina; d. November 24, 1882, Ellis County, Texas.
    55.....x.....SARA REBECCA LEAVELL, b. January 01, 1787, Garrard County, Kentucky, USA; d. August 17, 1833, Indiana, USA.
    56……xi.....EDWARD M. LEAVELL, b. 1788.
    57.....xii.....MILDRED LEAVELL, b. 1790.