Person:Edward Bates (1)

Edward Bates
b.Abt 1605
m. 26 Jan 1631/32
  1. Prudence Bates1639 -
  2. Mary BatesEst 1640 - Bef 1683
  3. Susannah Bates
  4. Increase Bates1641 - 1717/18
  5. Anna BatesAbt 1650 -
  6. Edward Bates, Jr.1655 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Edward Bates
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][7] Abt 1605
Marriage 26 Jan 1631/32 Drayton Beauchamp, Buckinghamshire, Englandto Susannah _____
Residence[5][10] 1636/37
Will[6][11] Bet 1639 and 1640 , Weymouth, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Colony,
Death[1][2][3][8] 25 Mar 1686 , Weymouth, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Colony,
Other[4][9] Biography
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  7. age 81 when he died in 1686
  8. Epitaph:

    Here Lyeth Buried Ye
    Body of Elder Edward
    Bate Age 81 Yeares
    Departed This Life Ye
    25 Day Of March

    ORIGIN: Unknown
    MIGRATION: 1633
    CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: "Edward Baytes," one of "our brother Thomas Leveritt's men servants," was admitted to Boston church in November 1633 [ BChR 17]. On 20 November 1642 Edward Bates was excommunicated "for sundry scandalous thefts committed by him and for many lies and unclean dalliances with another man's wife," and on 28 April 1644 he repented and was readmitted to the church [ BChR 37, 41].
    FREEMAN: 9 March 1636/7 [ MBCR 1:372].
    OFFICES: Fenceviewer for Corn Field at Muddy River, 25 March 1639 [ BTR 1:39].
    ESTATE: On 12 June 1637 "Edward Bayts" was granted fourteen acres of upland and marsh at Pullen Point Neck [ BTR 1:18, 28].
    On 30 March 1640 the Boston selectmen ordered that "Edward Baytes (in regard of his absence at Isle Sables) shall be allowed 6 months to build upon his lot; otherwise he consents to leave it to the town, his charges being allowed to the value" [ BTR 1:52].
    Mentioned as an abutter of Robert Scott in Boston Book of Possessions [ BBOP 23; see also BBOP 79, where the editor states that this bound is "hard to explain"].
    BIRTH: By 1616 based on date of freemanship.
    DEATH: After 28 April 1644 [ BChR 41] and before 7 November 1645.
    MARRIAGE: By 1641 Lydia _____; she probably married (2) Concord 7 November 1645 William Fletcher [ CoVR 6], as his second wife; she died at Chelmsford 12 October 1704.
    i JOHN, b. 9 January 1641/2 (calc.), bp. Boston 23 January 1641/2 "being about 14 days old" [ BChR 289]; m. Chelmsford 22 December 1665 Mary Farwell [ Farwell Gen 1:45].

    COMMENTS: Pope has combined two men by the name of Edward Bates, one from Boston and one from Weymouth. Since we now know that Edward Bates of Weymouth was in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, as late as 1636, there is no longer reason for confusion [ TAG 65:33-43, 89-96]. Most other published accounts make the distinction.
    Edward Bates of Boston was one of those disarmed on 20 November 1637 for siding with Anne Hutchinson and John Wheelwright in the Antinomian Controversy [ MBCR 1:211].
    There is no direct evidence for the conclusion that the widow of Edward Bates was the Lydia Bates who married William Fletcher at Concord in 1645, but the circumstances make it a high probability: the last record of Edward Bates is in 1644, and the marriage of Lydia Bates takes place in 1645; and John Bates, presented to the Chelmsford church on 1 February 1656/7 as a child of William Fletcher, was said to be about fifteen at that time [ Fiske Notebook 113], which is exactly what the John Bates baptized in Boston as son of Edward Bates would be. Lydia had several additional children by William Fletcher. (See Bates Bulletin, Series 3, p. 39, and Series 5, pp. 58-59; Snow-Estes 1:278-80, 296; Winifred L. Holman, MS Robert Fletcher genealogy, SG FLE 7, NEHGS Library.)
    Some secondary sources suggest that Lydia (_____) (Bates) Fletcher may have been daughter of RICHARD FAIRBANKS of Boston [ Snow-Estes 1:296; Farwell Gen 1:45]. The latter source, for instance, says "there is evidence of some association between the two families" (Richard Fairbanks and Henry Farwell), but does not produce the evidence. Nothing in the career of Richard Fairbanks suggests that he had a daughter Lydia.
  10. He was listed as a freeman both March 9, 1636/7 and March 13, 1638/9
  11. Henry Russell of Weymouth