Person:Daughter Paxton (1)

Daughter Paxton
b.WFT Est 1740-1756
d.BEF 1762
Facts and Events
Name Daughter Paxton
Gender Female
Birth? WFT Est 1740-1756
Death? BEF 1762

For appropriate citations see "Elizabeth Eakin" as daughter of James Eakin.

I believe this to be Elizabeth Eakin, though listed as a daughter of James Eakin, was in fact his daughter-in-law Elizabeth Paxton, granddaughter of Thomas Paxton. I believe she was married to John Eakin for the following reasons:

- Citation for John and his wife Elizabeth is for 1768 where they register the purchase of land with his brother James and his wife Anne.

- Elizabeth Lockridge was not born until Bef. 1776. She could not have been the wife of John noted in the disposition of the land. If she were, she would have had to have been born at least by 1750-58 and her father William Lockridge estimated birth was 1750.

- There is an (unknown Daughter Paxton 1740-1756 - BEF 1762) daughter of Thomas Paxton Jr. The date of death doesn't exactly line up but since the daughter's death is a guess it could be her.

- The citation for Thomas Paxton in the Eakin suit was probably for Thomas Jr and not Thomas Senior as I first supposed.

- The suit is from 1758, which is the date she left the Eakin property and return to the Paxton property. Thomas Senior dies in 1760 and mentions her as his granddaughter. 1765 James Eakin dies and she is not mentioned in his will. 1768 she is mentioned with John meaning reconciliation, which probably would not have happened while James was alive.

Anyone else out there have a better idea who Elizabeth Eakin is?