Person:Daughter Adams (1)

_____ Adams
m. Abt 1576
  1. John AdamsEst 1577 - Abt 1609
  2. Lucy AdamsEst 1579 - 1605
  3. _____ AdamsEst 1581 -
  4. Henry Adams1583 - 1646
m. Est 1600
Facts and Events
Name _____ Adams
Gender Female
Birth[1] Est 1581 Barton St. David, Somerset, England
Marriage Est 1600 to Roger Warfield
Ancestral File Number L20B-MD
Ancestral File Number MG44-H5

Her name is often given as Judith, either because her daughter was named Judith or due to a misreading of her father's will (which names her daughter). There does not appear to be any direct evidence of her first name.

  1. Bartlett, J. Gardner, and Edward Dean Adams. Henry Adams of Somersetshire, England, and Braintree, Mass: his English ancestry and some of his descendants. (NY: Private Printing, 1927)
    page 46.

    'A Daughter, born about 1579; married about 1598, Roger Warfield of Charlton Adam, Somersetshire, of which parish he was church warden in 1607.' First child (Judith) was born about 1599.

    Bartlett gives the wife of Roger Warfield as the older daughter, probably because her children are mentioned first in her father's will. But her father's will mentions his oldest son after both his daughters, so this might not signify. The will, written in 1603/4, mentions 2 children of Roger Warfield and 3 of Richard French - it would appear that the daughter who married Richard French was likely the elder of the two - otherwise, she would have had to be quite young in order to have had 3 children by 1603/4.