Person:Daniel Schneider (2)

m. Abt. 1772
  1. Jacob Schneider1773 - 1829
  2. Maria SchneiderAbt 1775 - Bef 1855
  3. Susanna SchneiderAbt 1777 - Bef 1855
  4. Christian Schneider1779 - 1842
  5. Friedrich Schneider1781 - 1851
  6. Barbara Schneider1786 - 1861
  7. Daniel Schneider1788 - 1864
  8. Elizabeth SchneiderAbt 1790 - Bef 1855
  9. Johannes Schneider1792 - 1864
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Schneider
Gender Male
Birth[2][3] 5 Jan 1788 Heidelberg, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, United States
Death[1][2][3] 16 Apr 1864 Heidelberg, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, United States
  1. Lehigh County (Pennsylvania). Register of Wills. Probate records, 1812-1920 ; Index 1812-1965. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1997-1998), Probate File 3585.

    [Many, many thanks to J. L. for the translation. Will proved 4 May 1864.]
    Will of "Daniel Schneider of Heidelberg" bequeaths to "Elisabeth Schneider, widow of my brother Christian Schneider, who is my present caretaker", "Polly Peter, married to Benjamin Peder and daughter of my brother Christian Schneider", "Elias Schneider, son of my brother Christian". Balance split into shares and divided between
    - children of my deceased brother Jacob Schneider
    - children of my deceased sister Maria Bausch, formerly married to Johannes Bausch
    - children of my deceased sister Susanna, formerly married to John George Schneider
    - children of my deceased brother Christian Schneider
    - children of my deceased brother Friederich Schneider
    - children of my sister Barbara Schneider, marriage to Simon Schneider
    - children of my deceased sister Elizabeth Hunsicker, formerly married to the deceased Daniel Hunsicker
    - my brother John Schneider
    Also, mentions "Elizabeth Metzger, wife of John Metzger and one of the daughters of Jacob Schneider". Executors are brother John Schneider, Elias Schneider son of brother Christian, and Benjamin Peter married to daughter Polly of brother Christian.

  2. 2.0 2.1 Burials at Heidelberg Church, 26.

    [Manuscript at Repository:Lehigh County Historical Society]
    Second Graveyard: Daniel Schneider, Jan. 5, 1788, Apr. 16, 1864.

  3. 3.0 3.1 Hollenbach, Raymond E. (compiler?). Schneider-Snyder Families of Heidelberg, 4-5.

    Children of Christian Schneider and Susanna Beck: either Daniel Schneider b. 5 Jan 1788 d. 16 Apr 1864 or else Daniel Schneider b. 6 Jan 1796 d. 23 Jun 1854, m. Susanna Maria ---, 10 children.
    [This source lists both Daniels with a note that only one belongs in this family. This choice corresponds to two gravestones found in Heidelberg according to S2, and combined with the will cited in S1, it is clear that the first Daniel is the correct one.]