Person:Daniel Olmsted (5)

m. Abt 1798
  1. Daniel Olmsted1799 - 1882
  2. Lucy 4533 Olmsted
  3. Gardner Hicks 4534 Olmsted
m. 1 May 1823
  1. Henry Jason Olmsted1825 -
  2. Arthur George Olmsted, Esq.1827 - 1914
  3. Sarah Elizabeth Olmsted1830 -
  4. Daniel Edward Olmsted1832 - 1900
  5. Seneca Lewis Olmsted1838 - 1856
  6. Herbert Cushing Olmsted1845 -
m. 1865
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Olmsted
Gender Male
Birth[1] 2 Aug 1799 Masonville, Delaware, New York, United States
Marriage 1 May 1823 [1st wife]
to Lucy Ann Scofield
Marriage 1865 Potter, Pennsylvania, United States[2nd wife - she is the widow Bennett]
to Jane Robertson
Death[1] 2 Oct 1882 Bennettsville, Chenango, New York, United States
  1. 1.0 1.1 Family Recorded, in Olmsted, Henry King (1824-1896), and George Kemp Ward (1848-1937). Genealogy of the Olmsted family in America: embracing the descendants of James and Richard Olmstead and covering a period of nearly three centuries, 1632-1912. (New York: A. T. DeLaMare, 1912.).

    pp 212-213 -
    (4152) SENECA OLMSTED, b. prob. at Richmond, Mass., May 31, 1774; d. Jan. 23, 1860; m. abt. 1798, Elizabeth Hicks; d. 1807. He moved from Richmond, Mass., to Saratoga County, N. Y., thence abt. 1795, to Masonville, Delaware County, N. Y., and later to Ulysses, Pa., in Oct., 1836. He chose a pioneer life and endured the hardships incident thereto from early youth. He was of a robust frame, and possessed great strength of mind and body. His character was adorned by many sterling virtues.

    4532, Daniel + .
    4533, Lucy + .
    4534, Gardner Hicks + .

    p 246 -
    (4532) DANIEL OLMSTED, b. at Providence, Saratoga County, N. Y. [Masonville, Delaware County, NY - per correction p 445], Aug. 2, 1799; d. July 25, 1882 [2 Oct 1882 - per correction p 445]; m. (1) May 1, 1823, Lucy Ann Scofield; b. Aug. 18, 1807; d. in Ulysses, Pa., Feb. 17, 1865; dau. of Lewis and Clarinda (Young) Scofield; (2) 1865, Mrs. Jane (Robertson) Bennett; dau. of Jabez Robertson and widow of Ira Bennett. He endured the hardships of a pioneer, from early life in Masonville, and in the wilds of Potter County, Pa. He was Postmaster in 1841.

    1st marriage:
    5514, Henry Jason +.
    5515, Arthur George +.
    5516, Sarah Elizabeth +.
    5517, Daniel Edward +.
    5518, Seneca Lewis; b. May 11, 1838; d. Oct. 2, 1856.
    5519, Herbert Gushing +.

    p 445 -
    (No. 4532) Page 246 - DANIEL OLMSTED
    He was born at Masonville, Delaware County, N. Y. (Birthplace given on p. 246 incorrect.) In 1836 moved with his wife and children to a point which came to be known as " Olmsted's Corners," near Ulysses, Potter County, Pa. He was a successful man, and highly respected throughout the county. At about the same time there moved into Potter County, four brothers, Hosea, Samuel, Leavitt and Lucas Cushing. The first named was a merchant and the second cleared a farm on Cushing Creek. Hosea was the first Postmaster at Cushingville, now Brookland. These families intermarried and became prominent in the county. Daniel Olmsted was the first U. S. Postmaster at Ulysses, Pa., having been appointed July 30, 1839. Although his descendants have held many public offices, his own inclination did not run in that direction, and that of Postmaster was the only public office he ever held, or to which he ever aspired. He, with his brother, Gardner H. Olmsted, and the brothers Leavitt and Lucas Cushing, were among the Trustees of the first Baptist Society of Ulysses, incorporated Jan. 26, 1849, and he was at all times a prominent and useful member of the Baptist Church, into which he and his young wife had been baptized at Masonville in 1827. In 1865 he moved to Bennettsville, N. Y., where some of his people still lived, and which is near Masonville, his former home. There he died Oct. 2, 1882. (Date of death on p. 246 incorrect.)

    Daniel Olmsted