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Daniel (April and Mary's)
  1. Dolly Johnson
  2. Daniel (April and Mary's)
Facts and Events
Name[1] Daniel (April and Mary's)
Gender Male


Daniel (April and Mary's): Biographical Information

Daniel was the brother of Dolly Johnson. Dolly, age 30, opened a Freedmen's Bank account in Charleston, South Carolina on April 16, 1872. On her application, she stated that she was born on Drayton Hall Plantation, Ashley River, Charleston, South Carolina. Her Freedmen's Bank record contains more information about Dolly Johnson and her family:

Her husband's name was Toby. He was born in Africa. There were no children listed in Dolly's bank account record. Dolly's brother was Daniel (no surname listed) and her sister was Nancy (no surname listed). Her residence was 420 King Street in Charleston. Dolly's occupation was Washing.

Both April and Mary were listed as deceased in Dolly's bank account record, dated April 16, 1872.

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Associated Documents

Freedmen's Bank Record, Dolly Johnson, Charleston, South Carolina, April 16, 1872 (transcription and image to be added)

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