Person:Cyril Mahon (1)

Cyril Patrick Mahon
Facts and Events
Name Cyril Patrick Mahon
Gender Male
Christening[1] 08 Oct 1882 Leigh-upon-Mendip, Somerset, England

April 5, 1891 - United Kingdom Census

The Vicarage, Leigh On Mendip, Somerset, England

Name Relation Condition Male Female Occupation Place of Birth
George A. Mahon Head Married 61 Clerk in Holy Orders - Vicar London
Rosalie A. Mahon Wife Married 57 Holcombe, Somerset
Rosalie A. Mahon Daughter Unmarried 22 Leigh on Mendip, Somerset
Herbert Mahon Son Unmarried 19 Accountant Brewery Leigh on Mendip, Somerset
Dorothea Mahon Daughter Unmarried 16 None Leigh on Mendip, Somerset
Madeline Mahon Daughter Unmarried 14 Leigh on Mendip, Somerset
Cyril Pat Mahon Son Unmarried 8 Leigh on Mendip, Somerset
Ann Green Mother-in-law Widow 83 Annuitant Bratton, Wiltshire

Class: RG12; Piece: 1905; Folio 77; Page 1

  1. Fathers Occupation:Clerk in Orders - Vicar of parish, Abode:Leigh on Mendip