Person:Cortlandt Schuyler (1)

Cortlandt Schuyler
Facts and Events
Name[1] Cortlandt Schuyler
Gender Male
  1. Abstract of Will of Cornelia Schuyler, in New York Historical Society (New York City). Collections of the New York Historical Society. (New York, New York: New-York Historical Society, 1869-1927), Vol 6, Pg 205.

    My executors are to sell so much of my land in North Lot No. 4 in the Manor of Cortlandt as will make £1,800, and pay it to my son, Cortlandt Schuyler, as an equivalent for the houses and lands given to my sons Philip and Stephen and to my daughter Gertrude, "it being my intent that my children shall have an equal share in my estate."